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02 Physical Sciences

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  • Fu, Yq; Zhu, Shaoli; Zhou, Xl; Zhou, W; Zhao, W (World Scientific Publ Co Pte Ltd, 2011)
    A plasmonic filter applied invisible regime is proposed. A method using discrete dipole approximation (DDA) to aid design parameters of rhombic Ag nanoparticle array is adopted for the filter design and optimization on the ...
  • Brownless, John; Lawrence, Felix; Mahmoodian, Sahand; Dossou, Kokou; Botten, Lindsay; De Sterke, C (Optical Soc Amer, 2012)
    We present a semianalytical formulation for calculating the supermodes and corresponding Bloch factors of light in hexagonal lattice photonic crystal waveguide arrays. We then use this formulation to easily calculate ...
  • Orwa, J.; Greentree, A.; Aharonovich, Igor; Alves, A.; Van Donkelaar, J.; Stacey, A.; Prawer, S. (Elsevier Inc, 2010)
    Colour centres in diamond are rapidly becoming one of the leading platforms for solid-state quantum information processing applications. This is due in large part to the remarkable properties of the nitrogen-vacancy ...
  • Aharonovich, Igor; Castelletto, S; Simpson, D; Su, C-H; Greentree, A; Prawer, S (IOP Publishing, 2011)
    The exploitation of emerging quantum technologies requires efficient fabrication of key building blocks. Sources of single photons are extremely important across many applications as they can serve as vectors for quantum ...
  • Godlewski, M.; Wojcik-Glodowska, A.; Guziewicz, E.; Yatsunenko, S.; Zakrzewski, A.; Dumont, Y.; Chikoidze, E.; Phillips, Matt (Elsevier, 2009)
    Optical properties of ZnMnO layers grown at low temperature by Atomic Layer Deposition and Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy are discussed and compared to results obtained for ZnMnS samples. Present results suggest a double ...