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  • Muller, Lizzie (UTS Gallery, 2010-11-09)
    This exhibition is both “X” for experimental design, and “X”, for cross-fertilisation, cross-species collaboration and crossdisciplinary exploration. It presents an array of Jeremijenko’s inventions, prescriptions, ...
  • Sivanesen, Haema (UTS Gallery, 2010-09-14)
    The grids of portraits in Salloum and Alis’ installation intrigue me, as they represent encounters – however fleeting – that are not unlike my encounter with Mohammed. Encounters with strangers who disarm you. Strangers ...
  • Seymour, Aaron (UTS Gallery, 2010-08-03)
    Design disciplines are often thought of in terms of their material output: architects make buildings, industrial designers products, fashion designers clothes. For visual communicators this pairing is seen to be with ...
  • Davies, Alex; Jasper, Adam (UTS Gallery, 2011-05-31)
    The Black Box Sessions dispenses with the prop of the fourth wall, and literally places the performer and the viewer together into a single intimate and enclosed space. What happens there is experienced through CCTV, through ...
  • Terrieux, Marie (UTS Gallery, 2010)
    '幕Mu:Screen – three generations of Chinese video art' provides a historical overview of these practices, including work from 1991 to 2010. It presents eight artists who use video, animation or film – continuously challenging ...