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  • Swan, Elaine (Taylor and Francis, 2013)
    Performance energy bars, gels, and blasts, jelly belly sports beans, gatorade drinks and energy bites, and powerade; organically grown fruits, nuts and eggs; tomatoes, squash, okra, broccoli, beans, eggplant, peppers; ...
  • Spongberg, Mary (Taylor and Francis, 1997)
    The publication of Annamarie Jagose's Queer Theory and Jill Julius Matthews Sex in Public mark something of a watershed in theorising around sex and sexuality in Australia. Matthews' striking collection represents the ...
  • Editorial 
    Spongberg, Mary (Taylor and Francis, 2009)
    Although the concept of genital modification is a relatively new one, feminists have always been engaged in theorising and activism around differing modes of body modification. In the 1970s eyebrow plucking, leg shaving ...
  • Spongberg, Mary (Taylor and Francis, 2012)
    This editorial is probably superfluous. Anyone who knows Marg Allen knows how much those of us who work in Women?s/Gender Studies owe her. Marg?s generosity of intellect and spirit has enlivened so much of the feminist ...