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  • Neumark, Norie; Miranda, Maria (Wollongong City Gallery, 2008)
    An ongoing cross-media project sparked by the terrifying spectre of global cimate change.
  • Neumark, Norie; Miranda, Maria (Pictura Gallery, the Netherland, 2008)
  • Morton, Tom (ABC, 2005)
    The program was produced for Background Briefing, ABC Radio Nationala??s flagship investigative journalism program. The programs listed below are each 54 minutes in duration and the product of 6-7 weeks of intensive research, ...
  • Beilharz, Kirsty (Australian Music Centre, 2005)
    Background This piece is for solo bassoon and ensemble composed and submitted for the Colloque du Basson International Bassoon Colloquium composition competition. Contribution - Contemporary repertoire for solo bassoon ...
  • Bonfiglioli, Catriona (Australian Associated Press, 2008)
    Background Archaeological tourism is an important niche market for Australians. Current structures tend to focus travel journalism on industry-funded familiarisation trips which allow the travel industry to shape ...
  • Johnston, Andrew (, 2010)
    This audio-visual work for acoustic instruments and interactive software uses simple models of physical structures to mediate between acoustic sounds and computer generated sound and visuals. Phil Slater (trumpet) and Jason ...
  • Traces 
    Heyward, Megan (dLux Media Arts, 2005)
  • Hurley, Andrew (Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing, 2011)
  • Glover, Brenda (Wakefield Press, 1999)
    Short fiction
  • Heyward, Megan (Fremantle Press, 2009)
  • Price, Jenna (Canberra Times, 2007)
    'DISABILITY These articles represent an original contribution to knowledge specifically in the public debate about disabilities. I used advanced journalism methods, including researched interviews and analysis of the ...
  • Carey, Gabrielle (Scribe Publications, 2009)
    Non-fiction (unreferenced)
  • Dwyer, Catherine; Morton, Tom (ABC, 2008)
    A 4-part radio documentary series(4 x 58-53 ) and interactive website about the relationship between Australian popular music and the landscape. Co-produced with Cath Dwyer, Wide Open Road consists of 4 parallel ...
  • Dwyer, Catherine (ABC Radio National; ABC Online, 2008)
    Contribution: Original idea and series co-producer (with Tom Morton); original research, interviews, editing, scripting and production of documentaries (excluding final mix); complete production of all short radio packages; ...
  • Wild Bees 
    Harrison, Martin (University of Western Australia Press, 2008)
    Background The book was published as the first major selection of my creative work to appear so far. It also represents new work. It is the foundation volume for future selections and also for future translations. ...
  • Wild Life 
    Dale, John (Allen & Unwin, 2004)
    Background - The borders between genre fiction and literary fiction are growing more porous, with conventions of each crosspollinating in ways not seen previously. Since Miguel de Cervantes? Don Quixote, the blending of ...
  • Beilharz, Kirsty (Australian Music Centre, 2008)
    This is a chamber music composition for solo japanese shakuhachi (bamboo, endblown traditional japanese flute) with guitar, violin and cello. The work consists of score and performance parts, running approximately 12 ...