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  • Goodman, James (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013)
    The "great globalization debate" began in the late 1980s with a series of proclamations as to the newness of the phenomenon. Ranging across multiple social science disciplines, globalization theory asserted that social ...
  • Ison, Nicky (Oxford University Press, 2009)
    This chapter is a reflection on the youth climate movement in Australia and draws on ideas from the theories of change.
  • Chan, Lai-Ha (World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, 2012)
    Growing interest in a wide range of global health issues makes China an increasingly important actor in the international health arena. This case study provides a closer look at the transitions in China's health policy ...
  • Brown, Tony (Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), 2009)
    There is an increasing polarisation of income, job opportunities and access to education in the advanced economies. Simultaneously there is a continuing reordering of economic relations between the advanced and the newly ...
  • Davidson, Patricia; Halcomb, Elizabeth; Gholizadeh, Leila (Oxford University Press, 2010)
  • Tournay, Virginie; Louvel, Severine; Granjou, Celine (Sage, 2013)
  • Adair, Daryl (Elsevier, 2013)
    The articles by Waddington, Christiansen, Gleaves, Hoberman, & M?ller (2013) and Henne, Koh, & McDermott (2013) are important contributions to the rather limited academic debate about illicit drug use among athletes and ...
  • Legacy 
    Behrendt, Larissa (University of Queensland Press, 2009)
    Simone Harlowe is young and clever, an Aboriginal lawyer straddling two lives and two cultures while studying at Harvard. Her family life back in Sydney is defined by the complex relationship she has with her father, Tony, ...
  • Braithwaite, Jeffrey; Travaglia, Jo; Westbrook, Mary; Jorm, Christine; Hunter, Cynthia; Carroll, Katherine; Iedema, Roderick; Ekambareshwar, Mahalakshmi (UNSW, 2006)
    This report presents the findings of multiple studies conducted to evaluate the Incident Information Management System (IIMS) for NSW Health. IIMS was introduced by NSW Health to act as a core mechanism for safety and ...
  • Neumark, Norie; Miranda, Maria (Antipodes curated by Tim Nohe, 2008)
    Talking About the Weather is an ongoing cross media project sparked by our response to the terrifying spectre of global climate change. Sheer terror at the possibilities that are being talked about led us to talking about ...
  • Robinson, Catherine (Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, 2003)
    Full project publication list includes four separate works: Positioning Paper, This study aimed to improve our empirical and conceptual understanding of the precursors of homelessness among vulnerable groups. Such a study ...
  • Seelig, T; Thompson, A; Burke, T; Penningar, S; Mcnelis, S; Morris, Alan (Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, 2009)
    What motivates people to become rental investors? What factors drive or shape their investment behaviour, and how are their experiences and intentions as rental investors linked? This paper reports on a qualitative study ...
  • Goodall Heather; Byrne Denis; Cadzow Allison; Wearing Stephen (UTSePress, 2012)
    This series arises from Parklands, Culture and Communities, a project which looks at how cultural diversity shapes people's understandings and use of the Georges River and green spaces in Sydney's south west. We focus on ...