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  • Beirman, David (Goodfellow Publishers Ltd, 2010)
    Deals with the issues of risk, crisis and receovery managment in tourism from a sustainability perspective
  • Darcy, Simon; Crilley, Gary; Moore, Susan A.; Smith, Amanda; Taplin, Ross; Griffin, Tony; Wegner, Aggie; Tonge, Joanna (CRC For Sustainable Tourism, 2009)
    This technical report is part of a broader national project ‘Systematic and strategic collection and use of visitor information in protected area management’, funded by Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC), ...
  • Moore, S; Crilley, Gary; Darcy, Simon; Griffin, Anthony; Taplin, Robyn; Tonge, Joanna; Wegner, Aggie; Smith, Amanda (CRC For Sustainable Tourism, 2009)
    This technical report is part of a broader national project `Systematic and strategic collection and use of visitor information in protected area management?, funded by Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre ...
  • Darcy, Simon; Cameron, Bruce; Pegg, Shane; Packer, Tanya (Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre, 2008)
    The aim of the research was to bring the insights and interdisciplinary expertise of the research team to develop best business practice case studies in accessible tourism. This project builds upon the STCRC-funded workshop ...
  • Edwards, Deborah; Griffin, Anthony; Hayllar, Bruce (CRC for Sustainable Tourism Pty Ltd., 2007)
  • Editorial 
    Gudergan, Siggi; Lings, Ian (Inderscience Publishers, 2010)
  • Liburd, J; Edwards, Deborah (Goodfellow Publishers Ltd, 2010)
    Tourism constitutes exceptional opportunities as a phenomenon, industry, career and lifestyle. Sustaining the economic, social and environmental elements of tourism will be essential to maintaining a phenomenon that can ...
  • Miller, Kenneth; Sood, Suresh; Kattiyapornpong, Uraiporn; Woodbridge, Mark; Mcdonnell, Ian (STCRC, 2010)
    This study examines distribution changes in global distribution using a range methods and approaches. Firstly distribution structure in tourism is discussed as well as the participants in the tourism network and distribution ...
  • Darcy, Simon; Griffin, Anthony; Crilley, Gary; Schweinsberg, Stephen (STCRC, 2009)
    This report presents the composition of a generic park visitation survey instrument based on the core data variables that can be employed in multiple park level jurisdictions throughout Australia. Its focus is to identify ...
  • Dowling, Grahame (Palgrave Macmillan Ltd, 2006)
    Corporate Boards, CEOs, CFOs, consultants, investors and academics are all interested in the question of ? if and how corporate reputations create financial value for companies. To date, much of the research that tests the ...
  • Frino, Alex; Gallagher, David; Neubert, Albert; Oetomo, Teddy (Institutional Investor, 2004)
    Index funds aim to deliver the returns and the risk of an underlying benchmark index. Researchers focus on four exogenous determinants, revisions in S&P 500 index composition, share issuances, share repurchases, and ...
  • Reid, Mike; Croy, Glen; Wearing, Stephen (CRC for Sustainable Tourism Pty Ltd, 2009)
    As a result of the increasing influence of tourism, natural and protected area management continues to evolve from management primarily focused around on-site management and conservation to one that more broadly encompasses ...
  • Lyons, K.; Wearing, Stephen; Benson, Angela (Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies, 2009)
  • Devinney, Timothy (Academy of Management, 2013)
    An introduction is presented to articles in this issue including "What Are Microfoundations?," "Rational and Reasonable Microfoundations of Markets and Institutions" and " Microfoundations of Management: Behavioral Strategies ...
  • Taylor, Tracy; Lock, Daniel; Darcy, Simon (Routledge, 2011)
    In this essay, Janus is used as a metaphor for examining the nature of cultural diversity in Australian sport. It does so by firstly presenting a historical context for sport in Australia and the relative lack of cultural ...
  • Adair, Daryl (Pearson Australia, 2013)
  • Green, Roy; Agarwal, Renu; Van Reenen, John; Bloom, Nicholas; Mathews, John; Boedker, Christina; Sampson, Danny; Gollan, Paul; Toner, Phillip; Tan, Hao; Brown, Paul (Department of Industry, Innovation, Science and Research, 2009)
    This unique research project for the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research benchmarks management practices in Australian manufacturing firms against the global best. The project was undertaken ...
  • Presbury, R; Edwards, Deborah (Goodfellow Publishers Ltd, 2010)
    Festivals, meetings and events (FMEs) are an important component of the tourism industry. FMEs provide opportunities for social and cultural exchange, exchange of new and innovative ideas, business contacts, and learning. ...
  • D'Netto, Brian; Monga, Manjit; Shen, Jie; Chelliah, John (The Australian Workers' Union, 2008)
    This study examined employees perceptions of the effectiveness of HR diversity management practices of nine organizations in the Australian manufacturing sector.