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  • O'Mahony, Marie; Braddock-Clarke, Sarah (Thames and Hudson, 2005)
    The extent to which technological advances have influenced the development of textiles and their use in design is not something that is well understood by professional designers, manufacturers, academia and the general ...
  • O'Mahony, Marie (, 2008)
    TechnoThreads (2008), curated by O'Mahony, was the inaugural exhibition at the New Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin. It attracted 60,000 visitors and significant national and international press coverage. The ...
  • Wallen, Lawrence; Winkler, Gerhard (SWR, 2004)
    Terra Incognito was a continuation of a project developed for the Munich biennale and the ZKM in 2002. It took the form of an Installation (solo) and an interactive concert (in collaboration with composer Gerhard Winkler). ...
  • Terroir 
    Reinmuth, Gerard (Hatje Cantz, 2007)
    The exhibition 'Living the Modern_Australian Architecture', curated by Dr Claudia Perrin for Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ, 12. September - 11. November 2007, shows for the first time in Germany on this scale the ...
    Reinmuth, Gerard; Balmforth, Scott; Blythe, Richard (Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA), 2008)
    The Biennale is the most important event on the international contemporary architecture calendar, visited by thousands of the world's most influential architects, designers, urban planners, developers and critics. The 11th ...
  • Reinmuth, Gerard; Balmforth, Scott; Blythe, Richard (DAB Documents, 2007)
    Cosmopolitan Ground suggests a mode of collaboration between architecture and philosophy, where both professions retain their autonomy but are enriched via their reference to one another. It achieves this through its ...
  • O'Mahony, Marie (AD/Wiley Publishers, 2006)
    Here, Marie O'Mahony focuses on one of the most exciting areas of innovation for textiles - the hybridisation of materials and engineering techniques. It is, as she explains, the very blurring of what a textile constitutes ...
  • Anderson, Benedict; Bl??Me, Torsten (, 2007)
    Based on Walter Gropius's 1919 Bauhaus manifesto, (a foundation text for the Bauhaus), and taking guidance from his call to 'desire, conceive and create the new building of the future together', the question posed in the ...
  • Pigram, David; Maxwell, Iain; Rothenberg, Brad; Blasetti, Ezio (Architecture Biennial Beijing, 2008)
  • Gothe, Jacqueline; Gusheh, Mitra; Steffenson, Victor (TKRP, 2006)
  • Minnaert, Frank (, 2009)
    Transclimatic is an international, multi-disciplinary design exhibition, which showcases selected works of emerging and established artists, design practices and architects. Their research demonstrates how climate change ...
  • Sandu, Suwin; Syed, Arif (ABARE, 2008)
    The Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism commissioned ABARE to undertake a study investigating energy intensity trends in Australian industry. The analysis was conducted at the national level for different ...
  • Burns, David (DAB, UTS, 2009)
    Triptych 01, a site-specific object, was exhibited at the DAB LAB Research Gallery I I March - 27 March 2009, Due to the nature of the installation space, Triptych 01 is directly concerned with vision and perception, I ...
  • Jakovich, Joanne; Reinhardt, Dagmar; Jung, Alexander; Grainger, Philip (Tin Sheds Gallery, 2006)
    Trivet Fields is a flexible installation constructed from interlocking modules that host a field of sensors and audio-illuminate displays, acting on a sensate memory system that builds on the interactions from visitors ...
  • Harfield, Stephen (Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT), 2012)
    Chapter analysing the nature of creativity plus research data relating to issues of criticism within architectural design studio teaching.
  • Twice 
    Robinson, Todd (MOP Projects, 2008)
    Craft practice has in recent years been largely absent from contemporary dialogues within art and design. By highlighting the virtuosity of hand skills the work draws attention to the importance of understanding the role ...
  • Titmarsh, Mark (SNO Contemporary Art Projects, 2007)
    Two person exhibition. My work featured a painting on aluminium and an installation consisting of a round sheet of glass on the floor on which rested, mirror balls and plastic water bottles
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Metro Arts, Brisbane, 2007)
    An exhibition of three artists working in the area of expanded painting
  • Amati, Marco; Brack, Cris; Ghosh, Sumita; Kachenko, Anthony; Mcmanus, Phil; Shrethsa, Krishna; Wang, Mingzhu; Yung, Wilson (The Institute of Foresters of Australia, 2013)
    Sydney's population is expected to reach 6 million by 2036, with infill development along urban corridors housing many. Eighty percent of Australia's population now live in urban areas which will be affected by peak oil ...