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  • Rutovitz, Jacqueline; Dunstan, Chris (Intelligent Grid Cluster, 2009)
    Communities in developed nations expect their governments to ensure the reliable supply of electricity. Reflecting these expectations, the NSW Government established an Inquiry into Electricity Supply in NSW in 2007, ...
  • Gothe, Jacqueline; Lee, Elisa (, 2007)
    Background Memefest, is an online "festival of radical communication," which encourages students, professionals, artists and activists alike to contribute their talents to a collective counter-culture of open source. The ...
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Invitation, Catalogue and transcript of 2 SER mention, 2006)
  • Karaminas, Vicki (Migration Heritage Centre/Centre for Cultural research, 2002)
    Examines home and identity for your artists and designers living in Western Sydney
  • Muller, Elizabeth; Cleland, Kathy (, 2008)
    Mirror States was a major exhibition of Australasian and international new media art that toured to MIC Toi Rerehiko, Auckland (16 May-- 28 June 2008) and Campbelltown Art Centre (18 July -24 August 2008)_ It was jointly ...
  • Day, Michael (Teck Guan Development Corporation, 2007)
    design of 7 luxury houses in Brunei, based on an innovative modular planning system
  • Burns, David (Australian Institute of Architects, 2008)
    The Moire House is a hypothetical design of a single-family house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. The design began in 2006 to test key aspects of my research, specifically my work in perception and optics. In 2008, I ...
  • Burns, David (Australian Architecture Association, 2009)
    This project was a synthetic analysis of a previous research endeavour, the Moire House. In the Moire House, I created a hypothetical design for a house that included design elements that tested a visual method of ...
  • Pigram, David; Snooks, Roland (Architectural Biennial Beijing, 2008)
  • Sgro, Donna (Science Museum, London, 2010)
    The Morphotex Dress is one of 3 garments I have created using Morphotex fabric. Morphotex is a world first in structurally coloured fiber technology, developed by Teijin Fiber Japan, a company I worked with during my ...
  • Walden, Roderick (DAB Doc [9], 2010)
    The product design, developed as one of the seven projects that comprised Digifacture (a project established in partnership with Advanced Manufacturing Services Pty. Ltd., AMS and the Center for Contemporary Design Research, ...
  • Walden, Roderick; Lie, Stefan (-, 2008)
    Both MTB Multi-tool design and Office Desktop accessories were undertaken as part of a collaborative research design project by Roderick Walden and Stefan Lie, industrial designers, working on two different self-initiated ...
  • Gwilt, Ian (Powerhouse Museum, 2007)
  • Burke, Anthony; Hewett, Benjamin; Rice, Charles; Lahoud, Adrian; Jakovich, Joanne; Perin, Gavin (Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, 2007)
    This project was a team submission for an open design competiiton, that lead to a novel research trajecory at the intersection of scripting, computation, landscape and urban design. The proposal has been exhibited in Pittsburgh.
  • Bongers, Albertus (, 2002)
    Festival of 9 concerts over 5 days with 14 artists. Video (DVD) and catalogue entry (pp. 20-21) of Metronom Gallery yearbook 2001/2002 ISBN 8460799166
  • Reinmuth, Gerard; Balmforth, Scott; Blythe, Richard (-, 2007)
    This project was submitted for a competition in 2006 to design the new Prague National Library. The project was shortlisted in the competition. Faced with the challenge of designing a national institution for literary ...
  • Abel, Nick; Cork, Steve; Gorddard, R.; Langridge, J.; Langston, Art; Plant, Roelof; Proctor, Wendy; Ryan, Paul; Shelton, David; Walker, Brian; Yiaeloglou, Mandy (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), 2003)
    Natural Values: Exploring Options for Enhancing Ecosystem Services in the Goulburn Broken Catchment is the culmination of four years work and the first of its kind in Australia. It began with a vision; to reconnect Australians ...
  • Anderson, Benedict (National Theatre Wales, 2010)
    Postive_Negative was conceived as a two-prong sculptural installation. Positive, a two-dimensional series of recognisable boat forms, and Negative, a spatial alien not concerned with any sense of assimilation to site. It ...
  • Heffer, Cecilia (, 2005)
    The New Emerging Works Grant ($9,000) was awarded by the Australia Council as part of a Visual Arts and Craft Strategy Program. 837 applications Australia-wide were considered: 120 artists across the disciplines were funded. ...
  • Minnaert, Frank (Industrial Design Society, 2006)
    WINNER of the Australian IDEA Design Awards Category: Concept - Project : Nimby IDEA, the (inside) Design Excellence Awards, is Australia's most prestigious interdisciplinary awards, celebrating design that changes the ...