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  • Burke, Anthony; Hewett, Benjamin; Rice, Charles; Lahoud, Adrian; Jakovich, Joanne; Perin, Gavin (Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, 2007)
    This project was a team submission for an open design competiiton, that lead to a novel research trajecory at the intersection of scripting, computation, landscape and urban design. The proposal has been exhibited in Pittsburgh.
  • Bongers, Bert (, 2002)
    Festival of 9 concerts over 5 days with 14 artists. Video (DVD) and catalogue entry (pp. 20-21) of Metronom Gallery yearbook 2001/2002 ISBN 8460799166
  • Reinmuth, Gerard; Balmforth, Scott; Blythe, Richard (-, 2007)
    This project was submitted for a competition in 2006 to design the new Prague National Library. The project was shortlisted in the competition. Faced with the challenge of designing a national institution for literary ...
  • Abel, Nick; Cork, Steve; Gorddard, R.; Langridge, J.; Langston, Art; Proctor, Wendy; Ryan, Paul; Shelton, David; Walker, Brian; Yiaeloglou, Mandy; Plant, Roel (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), 2003)
    Natural Values: Exploring Options for Enhancing Ecosystem Services in the Goulburn Broken Catchment is the culmination of four years work and the first of its kind in Australia. It began with a vision; to reconnect Australians ...
  • Heffer, Cecilia (, 2005)
    The New Emerging Works Grant ($9,000) was awarded by the Australia Council as part of a Visual Arts and Craft Strategy Program. 837 applications Australia-wide were considered: 120 artists across the disciplines were funded. ...
  • Minnaert, Frank (Industrial Design Society, 2006)
    WINNER of the Australian IDEA Design Awards Category: Concept - Project : Nimby IDEA, the (inside) Design Excellence Awards, is Australia's most prestigious interdisciplinary awards, celebrating design that changes the ...
  • Sgro, Donna (Japan Fashion Week Organization, 2009)
    The collection of garments, titled 'Octopus's Garden, was developed for exhibition as part of the 1st SHINMAI Creator's Project Show, sponsored by the Japan Fashion Week Organization as part of the 8th Japan Fashion Week ...
  • Lie, Stefan; Walden, Roderick (UniQuest Pty Ltd (UTS), 2008)
    The project developed a series of ecologically sustainable desktop accessories with a unique design for carrying andaccommodating office stationery. The trays are made by compression moulding leather. Through this project ...
  • Minnaert, Frank (Editions du Pavillon del'Arsenal, 2004)
    The Pavillon de l'Arsenal is the centre for information, documentation and exhibition for urban planning and architecture of Paris. A remarkable temporary building was intended to mark the Batignolles location to showcase ...
  • Hewett, Benjamin; Burke, Anthony (Architecture Australia, 2008)
    Speculative Tower Proposal by Ben Hewett and Anthony Burke (as Offshore Studio). Entered into Architecture Australia Unbuilt Awards 2008. Published in the journal of record for the Australian architectural profession ...
  • Minnaert, Frank (Boral Pty Ltd, 2008)
    Boral Roofing's Design Award, A DIFFERENT PITCH, was created to promote innovative, conceptual residential projects that showcase the talents and expertise of Australian architects, and to encourage higher standards in ...
  • Burke, Anthony (, 2007)
    This exhibition is perhaps one of the first to recast the understanding of Australian Architecture within an international intellectual context focused on design innovation, through showcasing a broad range of building ...
  • Mcneil, Peter (University of Technology, Sydney & Nobel, 2007)
    UTS curated, in cooperation with the National Library of Australia, a focused exhibit on Australian Nobel Laureate Patrick White (1973). The exhibit was designed to introduce to new audiences the idea that White's somewhat ...
  • Minnaert, Frank (Australian Institute of Architects, 2008)
    The Biennale is the most important event on the international contemporary architecture calendar. Thousands of the world's most influential architects, designers, urban planners, developers and critics visit the Biennale, ...
  • Heffer, Cecilia (Laurence King Publishing London Ltd, 2007)
    collection of contemporary surface patterns
  • Hausen, Doris; Bakker, Saskia; Van Den Hoven, Elise; Butz, Andreas; Eggen, Berry (Springer, 2013)
    The comparison of actions in the physical world with actions on interactive devices reveals a remarkable difference. In daily life we easily perform several tasks in parallel, for example when drinking coffee while ...
  • Mcneil, Peter (Oxford Journals, Oxford University Press, 2010)
    Women's enormous Belle Epoque picture hats with their sweeping ostrich feather sprays, the falling ostrich capes and the stylish aigrettes of the years just before the Great War were not simply conjured up by 'man ...
  • PODS 
    Heffer, Cecilia (Cecilia Heffer, 2007)
  • Mcneil, Peter (ACNE Creative, 2007)
  • P.O.V. 
    Burns, David (Mattress Factory Art Museum, 2005)