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  • Davidson, Patricia; Webster, R (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)
  • Cleary, Michelle; Walter, G; Jackson, Debra; Daly, John (Elsevier Science Bv, 2013)
  • Rolley, John; Salamonson, Yenna; Davidson, Patricia (Australian Nursing Federation, 2008)
  • Davidson, Patricia; Webster, R (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)
  • Dyspnoea 
    Davidson, Patricia; Newton, Phillip; Macdonald, Peter (Oxford University Press, 2008)
    Supportive care in heart failure (HF) management is the multidisciplinary holistic care of patients and their families from the time of diagnosis, during treatment aimed at prolonging life, through to the end of life when ...
  • Jackson, Debra (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2008)
    The article presents the author's comment on the helpful and effective collegial relationships at workplaces. According to the author, the quality of their working lives is at least partially contingent on the quality of ...
  • Jackson, Debra (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2008)
    The author discusses the role of various care delivery models in proper development of workplace environment for nurses. He states that nurses have to face several difficulties, including bullying, resource shortages and ...
  • Jackson, Debra (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2008)
    The author focuses on patient experiences, family participation and professional roles in clinical nursing. She states that patient experiences and family participation are important in clinical nursing because it serves ...
  • Charles, J; Britt, Helena; Knox, Stephanie (Australian College of General Practitioners, 2005)
    The? BEt\CH progriun,?.~contID~ousn~tioYs~dy~f~en#.etactice acrivitrin J\ustralia,"~ves .? an;verviewQtconsrdtati0ns -with . indigenous patiel!ts. B~een?1998 ~d .2903, geI1e(alp~ctition~rsr~f(loo5476 ~onsul!<lti~nswith. ...
  • Davidson, Patricia (Harcourt Brace & Company, 1994)
  • Davidson, Patricia; Newton, Phillip (Future Medicine Ltd, 2012)
    As many treatments decrease the risk of sudden death, individuals with chronic heart failure (CHF) live for an extended time with a high symptom burden and uncertainty of prognosis.
  • Jackson, Debra; Darbyshire, Philip (eContent Management Pty Ltd, 2006)
    In bringing this special issue of Contemporary Nurse to a conclusion, we would like to reflect on some of the health issues that impact on adolescents and young people.Though the majority of adolescents and young people ...
  • Jackson, Debra; Cleary, Michelle; Mannix, Judy (Econtent Management, 2013)
  • Hilferty, F; Mullan, K; Van Gool, Kees; Chan, S; Eastman, C; Reeve, Rebecca; Heese, K; Haas, Marion; Newton, Bj; Griffiths, M; Katz, Ilan (Social Policy Research Centre, 2010)
    This report presents the findings of the evaluation of the NSW Community Services` early intervention program, Brighter Futures. Brighter Futures is an innovative program, which has changed the practice of child abuse ...
  • Barratt, Joel; Ellis, John; Harkness, Jock; Marriott, Debbie; Stark, Damien (OMICS Publishing Group, 2013)
    Plants represent an important source of diverse biomolecules with unique properties, some of which make them attractive candidates for the development of novel antimicrobials. Plant extracts have been evaluated in vitro ...
  • Digiacomo, Michelle; Lam, Paul; Roberts, Beverly; Lau, Tang; Song, Rhayun; Davidson, Patricia (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers, 2010)
    The bene?ts of physical activity are indisputable, but engaging individuals to take part in sustained activity is challenging. 1 Although of particular consideration in older adults, adherence to physical activity is ...
  • Kelly, Michelle; Forbes, John; Carpenter, Christopher (Wolters Kluwer / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2012)
    Despite technological advances in task trainers and manikins, there persists an inability to replicate key clinical skills as would occur in clinical settings. This report provides details of a project to develop a functional ...
  • Hewitt, J; Refshauge, Km; Goodall, Stephen; Henwood, T; Clemson, Lindy (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2013)
  • Watts, Gerald; Sullivan, David; Poplawski, Nicola; Van Bockxmeer, Frank; Hamilton-Craig, Ian; Clifton, Peter; Oa??Brien, Richard; Bishop, Warrick; George, Peter; Barter, Philip; Bates, Timothy; Burnett, John; Coakley, John; Davidson, Patricia; Emery, Jon; Andrew, Martin; Farid, Waleed; Freeman, Lucinda; Geelhoed, Elizabeth; Juniper, Amanda; Kidd, Alexa; Kostner, Karam; Krass, Ines; Livingston, Michael; Maxwell, Suzy; O'Leary, Peter; Owaimrin, Amal; Redgrave, Trevor; Reid, Nicola; Southwell, Lynda; Suthers, Graeme; Tonkin, Andrew; Towler, Simon; Trent, Ronald (Elsevier, 2011)
    Familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) is a dominantly inherited disorder present from birth that causes marked elevation in plasma cholesterol and premature coronary heart disease. There are at least 45,000 people with FH ...
  • Davidson, Patricia; Phillips, Jane (SAGE, 2010)