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  • Thrall, Peter; Watkin, Elizabeth; Woods, Matthew; Baker, Katherine; Burdon, Jeremy; Brockwell, John; Murray, Brad (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2001)
    A consequence of the generally low nutrient levels of Australian soils is that relationships between plants and their microbial symbionts (mycorrhizal fungi as weJl as nitrogen-fixing bacteria) have particular significanc:e ...
  • Robinson, Mark; Trudgett, A; Fairweather, I; Mcferran, Neil (Elsevier Inc, 2002)
    The September 2001 issue of Trends in Parasitology had a review entitled `Genetic variability following selection of Haemonchus contortus with anthelmintics?, by Roger K. Prichard [1]. This included a diagrammatic ...
  • Herbert, Ben; Harry, Liz (Humana Press, 2009)
  • Sullivan, Mj; Beatson, S.; Petty, Nico (Oxford Univ Press, 2011)
    Easyfig is a Python application for creating linear comparison figures of multiple genomic loci with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. BLAST comparisons between multiple genomic regions, ranging from single genes ...
  • Charles, Ian; Dougan, Gordon (Elsevier B.V., 1990)
    Rationally attenuated liveSalmonella vaccines provide good protection against homologous challenge and can act as carriers of heterologous antigens. However, the optimum expression system for each heterologous antigen will ...
  • Whitley, Rhys; Eamus, Derek (Land and Water Australia, 2009)
    Determining the water balance of a landscape is important to sustainable management of water, vegetation and land resources. Water flow through vegetation is the principle pathway for the discharge of water from Australian ...
  • Oxnard, Charles; Obendorf, Peter; Dennison, John; Kefford, Ben (Elsevier, 2012)
    Brown (2012: LB1 and LB6 Homo floresiensis are not modern human (Homo sapiens) cretins, Journal of Human Evolution) makes errors of fact, omission and interpretation. Brown's comments refer, among others, to (1) delayed ...
  • Robinson, Andrew; Guilfoyle, Amy; Sureshan, Visaahini; Howell, Michael; Harrop, Stephen; Boucher, Yan; Curmi, Paul; Mabbutt, Bridget; Stokes, Hatch (Humana Press, 2008)
  • Duggin, Iain; Wilce, J. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2005)
    n the case of a circular bacterial chromosome, termination of DNA replication occurs when the two replication forks, progressing in opposite directions, meet and fuse in a specific region of the chromosome, which is generally ...
  • Murray, Shauna; Patterson, David; Thessen, Anne (Cell Press, 2012)
    Recent reviews have pointed out the large proportion of microbial eukaryotic (protist) diversity that has yet to be described, and the enormous challenges that accompany its description [1]. The ~100 000 species [2] of ...