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  • Adelaide, Debra (Brandl & Schlesinger, 2007)
    This piece of creative non-fiction takes its title from the final sentence of Thea Astley's final novel, Drylands (1999). The essay was praised by poet and literary critic Dr Michael Brennan for its 'intelligence and ...
  • Adelaide, Debra (Text Publishing, 2011)
  • Andersen, Lisa; Andrew, Jane (Far Western Regional Development Board, 2007)
    This research aims to advance understanding of the arts and cultural industries sector and to support policy formation by making explicit the character of cultural production and the talent pool of professional artists ...
  • Spurr, Samantha (University of Sydney, 2004)
    Book Review/Commentary of 'Skateboarding, Space and the City' by Ian Borden
  • Carey, Gabrielle (ABC Books, 2006)
    Background The essay is a form of literature that has a strong history in England and the United States but the form is not so strong in Australia. The popular understanding of an essay is a style and form that is overly ...
  • Barrell, Anthony (Griffith University, 2008)
    When Formula One 'supremo' Max Mosley successfully sued Britain's News ofthe World (NoW) for its invasion of his 'privacy' in 2008 (he was secretly filmed in the company of five hired handmaidens administering stern ...
  • Macris, Anthony (Central Queensland University Press, 2006)
    Spider's Lane is a chapter from my novel-in-progress, Great Western Highway. In traditional novelistic terms, it deals with the novel's love story, as a young Sydney couple comes to grips with the decision to start a family ...
  • Bosscher, Jacqueline; Miranda, Maria; Neumark, Norie (UTS Gallery Website, Realtime, Loop, 2007)
    Research Background At a time when global warming was both urgent and overwhelming, there was a dearth of exhibitions dedicated to the issue that made room for audiences to engage in new ways. There was a need to bring ...
  • Macris, Anthony (Melbourne University Publishing, 2008)
    This extract comes from a book-length work of creative non-fiction that documents my son's regression into severe autism at the age of eighteen months, and my family's struggle to provide him with appropriate therapy. The ...
  • Wild Bees 
    Harrison, Martin (University of Western Australia Press, 2008)
    Background The book was published as the first major selection of my creative work to appear so far. It also represents new work. It is the foundation volume for future selections and also for future translations. ...
  • Caines, Christopher (, 2008)
    Background ? A Year on the Road was curated into the Sound Of Failure Festival to engage with the theme of the festival, the aesthetics of error, the glitch, the break in continuity. It did so by employing a algorithmically ...