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  • Titmarsh, Mark (SNO Contemporary Art Projects, 2007)
    Two person exhibition. My work featured a painting on aluminium and an installation consisting of a round sheet of glass on the floor on which rested, mirror balls and plastic water bottles
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Metro Arts, Brisbane, 2007)
    An exhibition of three artists working in the area of expanded painting
  • Amati, Marco; Brack, Cris; Ghosh, Sumita; Kachenko, Anthony; Mcmanus, Phil; Shrethsa, Krishna; Wang, Mingzhu; Yung, Wilson (The Institute of Foresters of Australia, 2013)
    Sydney's population is expected to reach 6 million by 2036, with infill development along urban corridors housing many. Eighty percent of Australia's population now live in urban areas which will be affected by peak oil ...
  • Schulenkorf, Nico; Thomson, Alana (Leisure Studies Association, 2011)
    Sport programs and special events have received increasing interest and support by local, state, federal governments, as well as third sector organisations as a tool for reducing intergroup conflict and facilitating ...
  • untitled 
    Titmarsh, Mark (Sydney City Council and Thylacine, 2007)
    a group exhibition of 6 artists, each a member of Loose Projects, showing work in each of 6 pods in Taylor Square. My work comprised an installation of coloured balls and mirror balls.
  • Roxburgh, Mark (University of Canberra, 2008)
  • Gwilt, Ian (ZeroOne / ISEA International Symposium of Electronic Arts, 2006)
  • Finney, Tarsha (nil, 2009)
    The URBAN FUTURES events were the first major international tour and exhibition of the work and ideas of Diploma Unit 6 from the Architectural Association, London. The contemporary field of architectural production is ...
  • Wood, Rolf; Burchett, Margaret; Alquezar, Ralph; Orwell, Ralph; Tarran, Jane; Torpy, Fraser (The Nursery Papers, Nursery and Garden Industry Australia, 2004)
    Polluted indoor air, air contaminated by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), are a major cause of headaches, nausea, concentration loss and other `building-related illnesses?. Previous laboratory research by the Plants ...
  • Barker, Tom (Building Centre, 2008)
    The exhibition piece combined old TV sets and video media to create a city skyline of scale buildings and looked at how digital technology helps us understand and improve the planning and experience of our city. It looked ...
  • Clifton-Cunningham, Alana (Craft Victoria, 2009)
    Background Visible Markings: New Knitting is concerned with the interaction between traditional and contemporary knitting techniques, exploring the knitted form as a kind of a??second skina??. Knitting here functions as ...
  • Heffer, Cecilia (, 2006)
    Grant to continue research into contemporary textile outcomes, linked to solo exhibition. Aiming to research technologies in relation to innovative textile outcomes.
  • Gothe, Jacqueline (Corangamite Catchment Management Authority, 2003)
    Visual Guide A3 two sided colour print format to support an understanding of the assets identified as 'under threat' in the Corangamite region as a consequence of the regional catchment strategy process in order to establish ...
  • WA-Fi 
    Burke, Anthony; Rath, Lauren; Henke, Leo (FusedSpace, 2004)
    This competition entry was awarded a nomination out of 800 entries in the prestigious Fusedspace International urban media competition held in 2004. The entry posits new forms of ambient urban information systems using ...
  • Wallen, Lawrence; Reber, Heinz; Krug, Frank (, 2006)
    Walking in the limits is a homogenic artistic work made of sound, words and space, dealing with the understanding of space and time in a very existential sense: it reflects upon perception and illumines the structures of ...
  • Gothe, Jacqueline; Steffensen, Victor; Girault, Clement-Brice (TKRP, 2006)
    The Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways (TKRP) is a grassroots indigenous Elder led and co-created project. The project was initiated by Kuku Thaypan Elders from Laura - Tommy George and George Musgrave with Victor ...
  • Wear Now 
    Heffer Cecilia (This is not art., 2007)
  • Riello, Giorgio; Mcneil, Peter (Routledge, 2010)
    Fashion, in the age before the mechanical reproduction of objects and images, could only be limited in its reach. Scholars over the last century have discussed, and mostly disagl'eed, on the extent to which fashion ...
  • Karaminas, Vicki (Faculty ofd Design, Architecture and Building, UTS, 2007)
  • Storey, Hazel; Smith, Phil; Collier, Grahame; Herriman, Jade (UTS e-Press, 2008)
    There?s no escape: we are always in relationship. Being aware of this matters. Doing something to build constructive relationships for sustainability, matters even more. This paper considers the connection between good ...