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  • Macdonald, Heather; Funderberg, Richard; Swenson, David; Russett, Anne; Simeon, Malynne (Iowa Finance Authority, 2007)
    ? Larger family housing developments slowed neighboring property value appreciation in Polk County by 3.8% in the first year or two after developments were approved, but had no significant effect once developments were ...
  • O'Mahony, Marie (, 2008)
  • O'Mahony, Marie (Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), 2008)
  • Pandolfo, Berto (Chifley Plaza, 2008)
    ILT - table light. Materials - acrylic and aluminium.The ILT light is the result of a research project into cold-forming acrylic sheet. Cold-forming is the ability to create form without the need for moulds or external ...
  • Pandolfo, Berto (Australian Centre for Craft and Design, 2005)
    The Implied Volume series of designs emerged out of research into how voluminous forms can be achieved in object design without the need for complex, costly and restrictive industrial methods. The design outcomes: RAK (coat ...
  • Forsythe, Perry (Australian Government: Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation, 2007)
  • Infinity 
    Anderson, Benedict; Bobrova, Yekaterina; Glazko, Aleksandra; Nelson, Simeon (BBR, Berlin, 2009)
    On 9 November 2007, the German parliament, the Bundestag, decided that the Federal Republic of Germany would erect a Memorial to Freedom and Unity in remembrance of the peaceful revolution in the autumn of 1989 and the ...
  • Burns, David (Rivers Arts Festival Gallery, 2005)
  • Reinmuth, Gerard; Balmforth, Scott; Blythe, Richard (National Portrait Gallery, 2009)
    The National Portrait Gallery exhibition Portraits + Architecture explored the relationship between creative thinking and identity, incorporating new photographic portraits of seven leading Australian architect teams with ...
  • Mcfarlane, Don; Inman, Matthew; White, Stuart; Loh, Michael; Turner, Andrea; English, (CSIRO: Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship, 2005)
    Through the State Water Strategy the Government of Western Australia has committed to using Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) in its water allocation and licensing processes (Government of Western Australia, 2003). ...
  • Mcfarlane, Don; Inman, Matthew; Loh, Michael; Scott, Ian; Turner, Andrea; Brennan, Donna (CSIRO: Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship, 2006)
    Section 2 of this report details the iSDP base case and compares the current demand prediction with one based on a more detailed understanding of the factors underpinning demand. Because the base case is based on year ...
  • Heffer, Cecilia (Ivan Dougherty Gallery, College of Fine Arts, UNSW, 2007)
    Object Magazine 2006
  • Asquith, Lindsay; Dorst, Kees; Kaldor, Lucy; Watson, Rodger (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)
    This special issue of Crime Prevention and Community Safety: An International Journal comprises select papers presented at the First International Design+Crime Conference and Exhibition held at the University of Technology, ...
  • Marshall, P; Antle, A; Van Den Hoven, Elise; Rogers, Yvonne (ACM, 2013)
    Theories of embodiment focus on how practical engagement and the structure of the body shape perception, experience, and cognition. They typically reject a view of human cognition as grounded in abstract information ...
  • Cassin, Bryce (Creative, 2009)
    This external peer reviewed exhibition explores how practitioners in the creative disciplines and project management conceptualise productive activity. The director, a senior lecture in project management, developed the ...
  • Janus 
    Barker, Tom; Haeusler, Matthias (Smart Light / Vivid, 2009)
    Researching advanced interactivity and solar power, the project created a 4x3m suspended pixel fa??ade generated out of 191 grayscale-controlled solar powered light spheres arranged as a giant human face hanging above a ...
  • Mcneil, Peter (Berg, 2010)
    Dr. Toby Slade is Australian-trained, a Japanese speaker, and a lecturer in Tokyo where he teaches cultural theory. In some ways his career exemplifies the cross-disciplinary nature of fashion studies and its audiences ...
  • Luscombe, Desley; Hughs, Joy (Historic Houses Trust, NSW, 2002)
    Contract to provide a series of architectural models and flythough digital interactive displays to support the exhibition.
  • Pandolfo, Berto (Parcel, 2006)
    The exhibition 'Conversation of Things New' curated by Heidi Dokulil and held at Object Gallery, St Margaret's Complex, Sydney, September 2-24, 2006, explored 'a unique collaborative process between some of Australia's ...
  • Karakish 
    Robinson, Todd (-, 2009)
    This body of work can be situated within an emergent field of cross-disciplinary practice between design and art that employs conceptual and technical strategies from each in order to extend critical dialogue. More ...