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  • Paulos, Eric; Burke, Anthony; Jenkins, Tom; Marcelo, Karen (San Francisco Museum of Art, 2007)
    Background In October 2005, Anthony Burke with Eric Paulos of Intel Labs, Berkeley were invited to design a live media installation at the San Francisco Museum of Art for an event opening. The piece was titled 180x120, ...
  • Hewett, Benjamin; Crone, Greg (Brisbane City, 2009)
    Author was lead Design Architect on project (Associate Director) for Crone Partners Architecture Studios. Building completed 2009.
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Media Resource Centre, Adelaide, 2007)
    Background SynCity was initiated by the dLux media arts organization on the occasion of their zs" Anniversary. I was approached as a practitioner, curator and founding member of the organisation to create and curate an ...
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Australian Centre for the Moving Image, 2007)
    A 30 year overview of experimental screenworks that used sampling from various audio visual sources
  • Reinmuth, Gerard; Balmforth, Scott; Blythe, Richard (CIty of Sydney, 2006)
    This refurbishment of a state listed heritage building has set a new benchmark for contemporary work in Sydney's historic Rocks precinct. The existing building is in two parts, both of which have heritage listings with the ...
  • Bowman, Christopher (UTS, 2003) Exhibition of Chris Bowman's creative work and research as part of the group exhibition of CCS digital artworks and research
  • Hill, Michael (UTS DAB LAB, 2008)
    Director of the Master of Animation course, Dr. Michael Hill, exhibited results of a visual research project undertaken during his Professional Experience Program from March 16-April 5. The exhibition, titled ABSTRACT NOS. ...
  • Goodrum, Adam (Phaidon, 2007)
    &Fork follows the same formula of its successful predecessor Spoon and presents the work of 100 of the world's most interesting product designers to have emerged in the last 5 years.
  • Macdonald, Heather (Iowa Finance Authority, 2007)
    . Iowa faces a signi? cant challenge over the next decade. In the words of a recent report, ?The state faces the danger of worker and skill gaps that could undermine its businesses, erode the earning power of its ...
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Gerturde Street Gallery, 2006)
  • Minnaert, Frank (Lino magazine, 2007)
    Counter-project for the design of the new Alliance Francaise Building, 257 Clarence Street, Sydney Images & story published in Lino magazine (Issue No.17, 2007) This project is a personal initiative and a counter-project. ...
  • Spurr, Samantha; Rivard, Tom (South Sydney Council, 2003)
    Background This artwork was commissioned by South Sydney City Council for their new administration centre at Lawson Square, Redfern. The council?s aim was to acquire a public art piece that would be representative of the ...
  • Anderson, Benedict (Visiting Card Productions, 2005)
    Flawed Skin: A documentary film that takes a look at the recent reconstruction of the facades of the former East German Government's 'Splendour Street' the Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin. The film seeks to chart what kind of ...
  • Minnaert, Frank (Uro, 2012)
    The preface examines the historical and ideological background of the team 'Lacoste and Stevenson' which comes from a generation of young European architects whose work has been promoted by the politics of open idea ...
  • Beilharz, Kirsty (eCAADe, 2005)
    Architecture today extendsfar beyond designing building shells andmaterial, peripheral boundaries. Arguably. it has always been, and shifts increasingly in contemporary environments towards, designing space and interaction ...
  • Mcneil, Peter (Berg, 2010)
    AAcademic art and popular dress emerge from different struc~ rural and intellectual systems. Nonetheless, fashion in the early twenty~first century often appears to be like art and art to be like fashion. Artists arc ...
  • Australia 
    Sheehan, John (American Bar Association, 2010)
    Everywhere in the world, land use law and regulation affect real property values--either increasing or decreasing them. Regulatory takings is the potential raw nerve of land use regulation, yet policymakers and civic groups ...
  • Syed, Arif; Wilson, Ryan; Sandu, Suwin; Cuevas-Cubria, Clara; Clarke, Anthony (ABARE, 2007)
    Medium to long term projections of Australia?s energy consumption, production and trade are presented in this report. These projections are made using ABARE?s E 4 cast model for the period between 2005-06 and ...
  • Prior, Jason; Partridge, Emma (Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment, 2010)
    The Australian experience: A comparitive analysis of the effects of contamination and its remidiation on individuals and communities at two Australian sites (CRC CARE Technical Report no.17)
  • Rissanen, Timo (DAB Lab, 2008)
    The fashionable crowd are a fickle bunch, with many unspoken dress rules sorting the fashionably elite to the fashionably obsolete. The exhibition Bad Dogs, is all about breaking these codes of conduct in the fashion ...