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  • Caprarelli, Graziella; Pondrelli, Monica; Di Lorenzo, Stefano; Marinangeli, Lucia; Ori, Gian; Neukum, Gerhard (National Space Society of Australia Ltd, 2007)
    The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board Mars Express has been transmitting high quality imagery and altimetry data since reaching martian orbit. Observations from orbits h0962 and g0951 showed tectonic features ...
  • Noman, Marc; Bennett, Vickie; Caprarelli, Graziella; Carter, Brad; Clarke, Jon; Nelson, David; Stegman, David; Taylor, S; Vladimirov, Sergey; Walter, Malcolm (National Space Society of Australia Ltd, 2008)
    Planetary science studies the origin of the solar system and whether life exists on other planets. It has the potential to change the way we vie the world and our selves. Planetary science offers a cost effective means for ...
  • Caprarelli, Graziella (National Space Society of Australia Ltd, 2009)
    A head-count of Australia-based scientists doing research in planetary science was performed in the context of the drafting of the Decadal Plan for Space Sciences [1]. This paper builds on those findings. A search of ...
  • Anania, Erin; Caprarelli, Graziella; Lake, Michael; Di Lorenzo, Stefano (National Space Society of Australia Ltd, 2007)
    In this paper we present part of an ongoing study to telemetry data of Phaethontis, aregion in the western hemisphere of Mars' Southern Highlands. in particular, we focus on an approximately 57,000 km2 area in Gorgonum ...