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  • Ji, Zhengfeng; Duan, Runyao; Ying, Mingsheng (Elsevier Science Bv, 2004)
    We prove, in a multipartite setting, that it is always feasible to exactly transform a genuinely m-partite entangled pure state with sufficient many copies to any other m-partite state via local quantum operation and ...
  • Duan, Runyao; Feng, Yuan; Ji, Zhengfeng; Ying, Mingsheng (American Physical Soc, 2007)
    We show that an arbitrary basis of a multipartite quantum state space consisting of K distant parties such that the kth party has local dimension d(k) always contains at least N=Sigma(K)(k=1)(d(k)-1)+1 members that are ...
  • Chen, J; Duan, Runyao; Ji, Zhengfeng; Ying, Mingsheng; Yu, Jeffrey (Amer Inst Physics, 2008)
    A gate is called an entangler if it transforms some (pure) product states to entangled states. A universal entangler is a gate which transforms all product states to entangled states. In practice, a universal entangler is ...
  • Ji, Zhengfeng; Feng, Yuan; Duan, Runyao; Ying, Mingsheng (American Physical Soc, 2006)
    We propose simple schemes that can perfectly identify projective measurement apparatuses secretly chosen from a finite set. Entanglement is used in these schemes both to make possible the perfect identification and to ...
  • Duan, Runyao; Ji, Zhengfeng; Feng, Yuan; Ying, Mingsheng (Elsevier Science Bv, 2004)
    We analyze a class of quantum operations based on a geometrical representation of d-level quantum system (or qudit for short). A sufficient and necessary condition of complete positivity, expressed in terms of the quantum ...
  • Chen, Luxin; Chitambar, Eric; Duan, Runyao; Ji, Zhengfeng; Winter, Andreas (Amer Physical Soc, 2010)
    The tensor rank (also known as generalized Schmidt rank) of multipartite pure states plays an important role in the study of entanglement classifications and transformations. We employ powerful tools from the theory of ...