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  • Swait Jr, Joffre; Marley, Anthony (Elsevier, 2013)
    We conceptualize probabilistic choice as the result of the simultaneous pursuit of multiple goals in a vector optimization representation, which is reduced to a scalar optimization that implies goal balancing. The majority ...
  • Buckingham Shum, Simon; Aberer, Karl; Schmidt, A; Bishop, S; Lukowicz, P; Anderson, S; Charalabidis, Y; Domingue, John; De Freitas, S; Dunwell, I; Edmonds, B; Grey, F; Haklay, M; Jelasity, M; Karpistsenko, A; Kohlhammer, J; Lewis, J; Pitt, J; Sumner, R; Helbing, D (Springer, 2012)
    The FuturICT project seeks to use the power of big data, analytic models grounded in complexity science, and the collective intelligence they yield for societal benefit. Accordingly, this paper argues that these new tools ...
  • Carmona, R; Fehr, M; Hinz, Juri (Siam Publications, 2009)
    To meet the targets of the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union established the European Emission Trading Scheme, a mandatory market for carbon emission allowances. This regulatory framework has introduced a market for ...
  • Carmona, R; Fehr, M; Hinz, Juri; Porchet, A (Siam Publications, 2010)
    This paper is concerned with the mathematical analysis of emissions markets. We review the existing quantitative analyses on the subject and introduce some of the mathematical challenges posed by the implementation of the ...
  • Johnson, Fiifi; Chandra, Hukum; Brown, James; Padmadas, Sabu (Indian Agricultural Research Journals, 2012)
    The demand for Small (local-level) Area Statistics has increased tremendously, particularly in countries where a decentralised approach to governance and service provision has been adopted. Most of these countries lack ...