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  • Mcgowan, Sheena; Porter, Corinne; Lowther, Jonathan; Stack, Colin; Golding, Sarah; Skinner-Adams, Tina; Trenholme, Katharine; Teuscher, Franka; Donnelly, Sheila; Grembecka, Jolanta; Mucha, Artur; Kafarski, Pawel; Degori, Ross; Buckle, Ashley; Gardiner, Donald; Whisstock, James; Dalton, John (National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2009)
    Plasmodium falciparum parasites are responsible for the major global disease malaria, which results in >2 million deaths each year. With the rise of drug-resistant malarial parasites, novel drug targets and lead compounds ...
  • Mcgowan, Sheena; Oellig, Ca; Birru, Wa; Caradoc-Davies, Tt; Stack, Colin; Lowther, Jonathan; Skinner-Adams, Tina; Mucha, Artur; Kafarski, Pawel; Grembecka, Jolanta; Trenholme, Katharine; Buckle, Ashley; Gardiner, Donald; Dalton, John; Whisstock, James (Natl Acad Sciences, 2010)
    Current therapeutics and prophylactics for malaria are under severe challenge as a result of the rapid emergence of drug-resistant parasites.
  • Sivaraman, Kk; Oellig, Ca; Huynh, Kitmun; Atkinson, Sc; Poreba, M; Perugini, Matthew; Trenholme, Katharine; Gardiner, Donald; Salvesen, G; Drag, M; Dalton, John; Whisstock, James; Mcgowan, Sheena (Academic Press Ltd- Elsevier Science Ltd, 2012)
    The malarial aminopeptidases have emerged as promising new drug targets for the development of novel antimalarial drugs. The M18AAP of Plasmodium falciparum malaria is a metallo-aminopeptidase that we show demonstrates a ...