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  • Li, Jianmin; Wei, Daming; Jia, Wenjing; Wu, Qiang; He, Sean (IEEE, 2009)
    Canny edge detector is the most popular tool for edge detection and has many applications in the areas of image processing, multimedia and computer vision. The Canny algorithm optimizes the edge detection through noise ...
  • Wei, Daming; Lam, Kin; Li, Jianmin; Wang, Lin; Jia, Wenjing; Wu, Qiang; He, Sean (Springer-Verlag, 2010)
    Edge detection plays an important role in image processing area. This paper presents a Canny edge detection method based on bilateral filtering which achieves better performance than single Gaussian filtering. In this form ...
  • Du, Ruo; Wu, Qiang; Jia, Wenjing; Wei, Daming; He, Sean (IEEE, 2009)
    In human's expression recognition, the representation of expression features is essential for the recognition accuracy. In this work we propose a novel approach for extracting expression dynamic features from facial ...
  • Mudugamuwa, Damith; Wei, Daming; Ahn, Chung-Hyun; He, Sean (IEEE, 2009)
    Super-resolution reconstruction produces highresolution images from a set of low-resolution images of the same scene. In the last two and a half decades, many super-resolution algorithms have been proposed. These algorithms ...