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  • Partridge, S; Recchia, Gavin; Scaramuzzi, Carol; Collis, Christina; Hall, Ruth; Stokes, Hatch (Society for General Microbiology, 2000)
    Integron-encoded integrases recognize two distinct types of recombination site: attI sites, found in integrons, and members of the 59-base element (59-be) family, found in the integron-associated gene cassettes. The class ...
  • Collis, Christina; Recchia, Gavin; Kim, Mi-Jurng; Hall, Ruth; Stokes, Hatch (Amer Soc Microbiology, 2001)
    The class 1 integron integrase, IntI1, recognizes two distinct types of recombination sites, attI sites, found in integrons, and members of the 59-be family, found in gene cassettes. The efficiencies of the integrative ...
  • Partridge, S; Recchia, Gavin; Hall, Ruth; Stokes, Hatch (American Society for Microbiology, 2001)
    The class 1 integron In28, found in the multidrug resistance transposon Tn1403, was found to be located in the res site of the backbone transposon and is flanked by a 5-bp direct duplication, indicating that it reached ...
  • Nield, Blair; Holmes, Andrew; Gillings, Michael; Recchia, Gavin; Mabbutt, Bridget; Nevalainen, Helena; Stokes, Hatch (Elsevier Inc, 2001)
    Integrons are genetic elements known for their role in the acquisition and expression of genes conferring antibiotic resistance. Such acquisition is mediated by an integron-encoded integrase, which captures genes that are ...
  • O'Gorman, D.; Recchia, Gavin; Persekhian, Maryam; Hall, Ruth; Stokes, Hatch (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 1997)
    The integration of gene cassettes into integrons is effected by site-specific recombination catalysed by an integrase, IntI, encoded by the integron. The cassette-associated recombination sites, 59-base elements, are not ...