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  • Chan, Cx; Darling, Aaron; Beiko, Rg; Ragan, Ma (Public Library Science, 2009)
    Background: In prokaryotes and some eukaryotes, genetic material can be transferred laterally among unrelated lineages and recombined into new host genomes, providing metabolic and physiological novelty. Although the process ...
  • Darling, Aaron; Miklos, I; Ragan, Ma (Public Library Science, 2008)
    Genome structure variation has profound impacts on phenotype in organisms ranging from microbes to humans, yet little is known about how natural selection acts on genome arrangement. Pathogenic bacteria such as Yersinia ...
  • Chan, Cx; Beiko, Rg; Darling, Aaron; Ragan, Ma (Oxford Univ Press, 2009)
    Lateral genetic transfer (LGT) involves the movement of genetic material from one lineage into another and its subsequent incorporation into the new host genome via genetic recombination. Studies in individual taxa have ...
  • Treangen, Tj; Darling, Aaron; Achaz, G; Ragan, Ma; Messeguer, X; Rocha, Epc (IEEE Computer Soc, 2009)
    Pairwise local sequence alignment methods have been the prevailing technique to identify homologous nucleotides between related species. However, existing methods that identify and align all homologous nucleotides in one ...