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  • Singleton, Cameron; Valenzuela, Stella; Walker, Bruce; Tie, Hui; Wyse, Ken; Bursill, Jane; Qiu, M; Breit, Samuel; Campbell, T (Stockton Press, 1999)
    The Kv4.3 gene is believed to encode a large proportion of the transient outward current (I-to), responsible for the early phase of repolarization of the human cardiac action potential. There is evidence that this current ...
  • Qiu, M; Zhang, Kang; Huang, Mao Lin (IEEE Computer Society Press, 2004)
    This paper reports an empirical study that explores the problem of finding a highly-efficient, user-friendly interface design method on small display devices. We compared three models using our PDA interface simulator: ...
  • Qiu, M; Jiang, Lin; Matthaei, Ki; Schoenwaelder, Sm; Kuffner, T; Mangin, P; Joseph, Je; Low, J; Connor, Daniel; Valenzuela, Stella; Curmi, Paul; Brown, Linden; Mahaut-Smith, M; Jackson, Shane; Breit, Samuel (Wiley-Liss, 2010)
    CLIC1 belongs to a family of highly conserved and widely expressed intracellular chloride ion channel proteins existing in both soluble and membrane integrated forms.
  • Valenzuela, Stella; Mazzanti, Michele; Tonini, Raffaella; Qiu, M; Warton, Krystyna; Musgrove, E; Campbell, T; Breit, Samuel (Cambridge Univ Press, 2000)
    1. NCC27 is a nuclear chloride ion channel, identified in the PMA-activated U937 human monocyte cell line. NCC27 mRNA is expressed in virtually all cells and tissues and the gene encoding NCC27 is also highly conserved. ...