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  • Neumark, Norie; Vaile, Ian; Thompson, Darrall (ABC Radio, 2004)
    Research Background - While spatial audio was familiar in immersive sound art, its potential on the Internet was ignored for technical and conceptual reasons. There was a need for an experimental artwork to demonstrate ...
  • Neumark, Norie (RMIT Publishing, 2005)
    This paper will investigate the different spaces and different times of radio and the Internet. This is part of the wider question of how sound art is playing out in digital culture. I will look specifically at the project ...
  • Neumark, Norie; Miranda, Maria (Sound of Failure, 2008)
    Research Background Current international developments in the field of media art have seen the exploration of ideas or issues move to the foreground and focus on the mediums and technology to the background. Works exploring ...
  • Neumark, Norie (MIT Press, 2005)
  • Chandler, Annmarie; Neumark, Norie (MIT Press, 2005)
  • Neumark, Norie; Miranda, Maria (Kirkbride Gallery, Net art site selected for Turbulence, Internationally, 2003)
    Research Background Digital networked culture shifted the focus from discrete objects and individuals to networks of communications. Meanwhile new media art's interactivity and approach to archiving remained somewhat ...
  • Miranda, Maria; Neumark, Norie (Macquarie University, 2007)
    Seance: a networked glossalalia is a networked performance that is part of the media art project, The Perpetual Emotion Project. Both are animated by our interest in the non-instrumental and the non-sensical and in the ...
  • Neumark, Norie; Miranda, Maria (Wollongong City Gallery, 2008)
    An ongoing cross-media project sparked by the terrifying spectre of global cimate change.
  • Neumark, Norie; Miranda, Maria (Antipodes curated by Tim Nohe, 2008)
    Talking About the Weather is an ongoing cross media project sparked by our response to the terrifying spectre of global climate change. Sheer terror at the possibilities that are being talked about led us to talking about ...
  • Neumark, Norie; Miranda, Maria (Pictura Gallery, the Netherland, 2008)
  • Bosscher, Jacqueline; Miranda, Maria; Neumark, Norie (UTS Gallery Website, Realtime, Loop, 2007)
    Research Background At a time when global warming was both urgent and overwhelming, there was a dearth of exhibitions dedicated to the issue that made room for audiences to engage in new ways. There was a need to bring ...
  • Turner, Gregory; Neumark, Norie; Miranda, Maria; Weakley, Alastair (Creativity and Cognition Studio Press, 2004)