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  • Huete, Alfredo; Didan, Kamel; Shimabukuro, Yosio; Ratana, Piyachat; Saleska, Scott; Hutyra, Lucy; Yang, Wenze; Nemani, Ramakrishna; Myneni, Ranga (Amer Geophysical Union, 2006)
    Metabolism and phenology of Amazon rainforests significantly influence global dynamics of climate, carbon and water, but remain poorly understood. We analyzed Amazon vegetation phenology at multiple scales with Moderate ...
  • Ichii, Kazuhito; Hashimoto, Hirofumi; White, Michael; Pottors, Christopher; Hutyra, Lucy; Huete, Alfredo; Myneni, Ranga; Nemani, Ramakrishna (Blackwell, 2007)
    Accurate parameterization of rooting depth is difficult but important for capturing the spatio-temporal dynamics of carbon, water and energy cycles in tropical forests. In this study, we adopted a new approach to constrain ...
  • Yang, Feihua; Ichii, Kazuhito; White, Michael; Hashimoto, Hirofumi; Michaelis, Andrew; Votava, Petr; Zhu, A-Xing; Huete, Alfredo; Running, Steven; Nemani, Ramakrishna (Elsevier, 2007)
    Remote sensing is a potentially powerful technology with which to extrapolate eddy covariance-based gross primary production (GPP) to continental scales. In support of this concept, we used meteorological and flux data ...
  • Myneni, Ranga; Yang, W; Nemani, Ramakrishna; Huete, Alfredo; Dickinson, R; Knyazikhin, Yuri; Didan, Kamel; Fu, Rong; Negron Juarez, Robinson; Saatchi, Sasan; Hashimoto, Hirofumi; Ichii, Kazuhito; Shabanov, Nikolay; Tan, Bin; Ratana, Piyachat; Privette, Jeffrey; Morisette, Jeffrey; Vermote, Eric; Roy, David; Wolfe, Robert; Friedl, Mark; Running, Steven; Votava, Petr; El-Saleous, Nazmi; Devadiga, Sadashiva; Su, Yin; Salomonson, Vincent (National Academy of Sciences, 2007)
    Despite early speculation to the contrary, all tropical forests studied to date display seasonal variations in the presence of new leaves, ?owers, and fruits. Past studies were focused on the timing of phenological events ...