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  • Emsley, Paul; Mcdermott, Gerry; Charles, Ian; Fairweather, Neil; Isaacs, Neil (Academic Press, 1994)
    Pertactin, a membrane-associated protein of Bordetella pertussis, has been crystallized in the presence of 28% ammonium sulphate. The space group is P 6322 with cell dimensions a = b = 178?2 ? and c = 106?8 ?. The crystals ...
  • Anderson, Marie; Fairweather, Neil; Charles, Ian; Emsley, Paul; Isaacs, Neil; Mcdermott, Gerry (Academic Press, 1993)
    The C-terminal fragment from tetanus toxin has been crystallized. The 50 kDa protein forms prismatic crystals with an orthorhombic unit cell of dimension a =64?03 ?, b=76?31 ? and c =135?3 ?. The space group is P 212121. ...