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  • Joss, M; Koenig, Jeremy; Labbate, Maurizio; Polz, Martin; Gillings, Michael; Doolittle, W; Boucher, Yan; Stokes, Hatch (BioMed Central Ltd, 2009)
    Although integrons and their associated gene cassettes are present in ~10% of bacteria and can represent up to 3% of the genome in which they are found, very few have been properly identified and annotated in public ...
  • Koenig, Jeremy; Bourne, David; Curtis, Bruce; Dlutek, Marlena; Doolittle, W; Boucher, Yan; Stokes, Hatch (Nature Publishing Group, 2011)
    Integron cassette arrays in a dozen cultivars of the most prevalent group of Vibrio isolates obtained from mucus expelled by a scleractinian coral (Pocillopora damicornis) colony living on the Great Barrier Reef were ...
  • Koenig, Jeremy; Boucher, Yan; Charlebois, Robert; Nesbo, Camilla; Zhaxybayeva, Olga; Bapteste, Eric; Spencer, Matthew; Joss, M; Doolittle, W; Stokes, Hatch (Blackwell Publishing, 2008)
    The integron/gene cassette systems identified in bacteria comprise a class of genetic elements that allow adaptation by acquisition of gene cassettes. Integron gene cassettes have been shown to facilitate the spread of ...
  • Sureshan, Visaahini; Deshpande, Chandrika; Boucher, Yan; Koenig, Jeremy; Harrop, Stephen; Curmi, Paul; Mabbutt, Bridget; Stokes, Hatch (Public Library Science, 2013)
    Mobile gene cassettes captured within integron arrays encompass a vast and diverse pool of genetic novelty. In most cases, functional annotation of gene cassettes directly recovered by cassette-PCR is obscured by their ...
  • Boucher, Yan; Labbate, Maurizio; Koenig, Jeremy; Stokes, Hatch (Cell Press, 2007)
    Integrons facilitate the capture of potentially adaptive exogenous genetic material by their host genomes. It is now clear that integrons are not limited to the clinical contexts in which they were originally discovered ...