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  • Kan, Dougal; Asatryan, Ara; Poulton, Christopher; Dossou, Kokou; Botten, Lindsay (Optical Society of America, 2011)
    We extend the fictitious source superposition method in order to model linear defects in photonic woodpiles, and we use the method to model a waveguide that is created by changing either the radius or refractive index of ...
  • Kan, Dougal; Asatryan, Ara; Poulton, Christopher; Botten, Lindsay (Optical Society of America, 2010)
    We extend the multipole method to allow for rod-type defects in woodpiles composed of infinitely long cylinders. A coupled-resonator optical waveguide and a linear waveguide are considered, where each waveguide is embedded ...
  • Kan, Dougal; Botten, Lindsay; Poulton, Christopher; Asatryan, Ara; Dossou, Kokou (Amer Physical Soc, 2011)
    We have developed semianalytical methods that allow us to perform a comprehensive analysis of the surface modes of photonic woodpiles. The surface modes of both finite and semi-infinite woodpiles are characterized using ...
  • Kan, Dougal; Marshall, Graham; Botten, Lindsay; Asatryan, Ara; Withford, Michael (IEEE, 2007)
    The efect of cladding region on coupling transversely-launched light into the core of a photonic crystal fibre (pcf) is studied experimentally and using a multipole based computer model. The model verifies the experimental ...
  • Marshall, Glenn; Kan, Dougal; Asatryan, Ara; Botten, Lindsay; Withford, Michael (Optical Soc Amer, 2007)
    The effect of the microstructure on transversely coupled laser light into the core of a photonic crystal fiber is investigated. Computational two-dimensional modeling and direct experimental measurements indicate that there ...