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  • Hauser, Russ; Altshul, Larisa; Chen, Zuying; Ryan, Louise; Overstreet, James; Schiff, Isaac; Christiani, David (Environmental Health Information Service, 2002)
    There have been numerous studies that suggest that sperm concentrations (sperm counts) are declining in men. However, other studies suggest that sperm counts are not declining or may be increasing in some areas. Although ...
  • Duty, Susan; Calafat, Antonia; Silva, Manori; Ryan, Louise; Hauser, Russ (Oxford Univ Press, 2005)
    BACKGROUND: Phthalates are used in personal and consumer products, food packaging materials, and polyvinyl chloride plastics and have been measured in the majority of the general population of the USA. Consistent experimental ...
  • Duty, Susan; Singh, Narendra; Silva, Manori; Barr, Dana; Brock, John; Ryan, Louise; Herrick, Robert; Christiani, David; Hauser, Russ (Environmental Health Information Service, 2003)
    Phthalates are industrial chemicals widely used in many commercial applications. The general population is exposed to phthalates through consumer products as well as through diet and medical treatments. To determine ...
  • Meeker, John; Ryan, Louise; Barr, Dana; Herrick, Robert; Bennett, Deborah; Bravo, Roberto; Hauser, Russ (Environmental Health Information Service, 2004)
    Most of the general population is exposed to carbaryl and other contemporary-use insecticides at low levels. Studies of laboratory animals, in addition to limited human data, show an association between carbaryl exposure ...
  • Meeker, John; Singh, Narendra; Ryan, Louise; Duty, Susan; Barr, Dana; Herrick, Robert; Bennett, Deborah; Hauser, Russ (Oxford Univ Press, 2004)
    Members of the general population are exposed to non-persistent insecticides at low levels. The present study explored whether environmental exposures to carbaryl and chlorpyrifos are associated with DNA damage in human ...