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  • Cinner, J; Mcclanahan, T; Macneil, Ma; Graham, Nicholas; Daw, Tm; Mukminin, A; Feary, David; Rabearisoa, Al; Wamukota, A; Jiddawi, N; Campbell, Stuart; Baird, Andrew; Januchowski-Hartley, Fraser; Hamed, S; Lahari, R; Morove, Tau; Kuange, J (Natl Acad Sciences, 2012)
    In an effort to deliver better outcomes for people and the ecosystems they depend on, many governments and civil society groups are engaging natural resource users in collaborative management arrangements (frequently called ...
  • Feary, David; Cinner, Joshua; Graham, Nicholas; Januchowski-Hartley, Fraser (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Inc, 2011)
    Customary management systems (i.e., management systems that limit the use of marine resources), such as rotational fisheries closures, can limit harvest of resources. Nevertheless, the explicit goals of customary management ...
  • Januchowski-Hartley, Fraser; Graham, Nicholas; Feary, David; Morove, Tau; Cinner, Joshua (Public library of Science, 2011)
    Prey flight decisions in response to predation risk are increasingly being considered in conservation and management decisions in the terrestrial realm, but are rarely considered in marine systems. This field-based study ...
  • Mora, Camilo; Aburto-Oropeza, Octavio; Bocos, Arturo; Ayotte, Paula; Banks, Stuart; Bauman, Andrew; Beger, Maria; Bessudo, Sandra; Booth, David; Brokovich, Eran; Brooks, Andrew; Chabanet, Pascale; Cinner, Joshua; Cortes, Jorge; Cruz-Motta, Juan; Magana, Amilcar; Demartini, Edward; Edgar, Graham; Feary, David; Ferse, Sebastian; Friedlander, Alan; Gaston, Kevin; Gough, Charlotte; Graham, Nicholas; Green, Alison; Guzman, Hector; Hardt, Marah; Kulbicki, Michel; Letourneur, Yves; Perez, Andres; Loreau, Michel; Loya, Yossi; Martinez, Camilo; Mascarenas-Osorio, Ismael; Morove, Tau; Nadon, Marc-Olivier; Nakamura, Yohei; Paredes, Gustavo; Polunin, Nicholas; Pratchett, Morgan; Bonilla, Hector; Rivera, Fernando; Sala, Enric; Sandin, Stuart; Soler, German; Smith, Rick; Tessier, Emmanuel; Tittensor, Derek; Tupper, Mark; Usseglio, Paolo; Vigliola, Laurent; Wantiez, Laurent; Williams, Ivor; Wilson, Shaun; Zapata, Fernando (Public library of Science, 2011)
    Difficulties in scaling up theoretical and experimental results have raised controversy over the consequences of biodiversity loss for the functioning of natural ecosystems. Using a global survey of reef fish assemblages, ...