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  • Fisher, Joshua; Mahli, Yavinder; Bonal, D.; Da Rocha, Humberto; Araujo, A.; Gamo, Minoru; Goulden, Michael; Hirano, Takashi; Huete, Alfredo; Kondo, Hiroaki; Kumagai, Tomo'Omi; Loescher, Henry; Miller, Scott; Nobre, A.; Nouvellon, Y.; Oberbauer, Steven; Panuthai, S.; Roupsard, O.; Saleska, Scott; Tanaka, K.; Tanaka, N.; Tu, Kevin; Von Randow, Celso (Blackwell, 2009)
    Tropical vegetation is a major source of global land surface evapotranspiration, and can thus play a major role in global hydrological cycles and global atmospheric circulation. Accurate prediction of tropical evapotranspiration ...
  • Rocha, Humberto; Manzi, Antonio; Cabral, Osvaldo; Miller, Scott; Goulden, Michael; Saleska, Scott; Restrepo Coupe, Natalia; Wofsy, Steven; Borma, Laura; Artaxo, P.; Vourlitis, George; Nogueira, Jose; Cardoso, Fernando; Nobre, Antonio; Kruijt, Bart; Freitas, Helber; Von Randow, Celso; Aguiar, Renata; Maia, Jair (Amer Geophysical Union, 2009)
    We investigated the seasonal patterns of water vapor and sensible heat flux along a tropical biome gradient from forest to savanna. We analyzed data from a network of flux towers in Brazil that were operated within the ...
  • Restrepo Coupe, Natalia; Rocha, Humberto; Hutyra, Lucy; Araujo, Alessandro; Borma, Laura; Christoffersen, Bradley; Cabral, Osvaldo; De Camargo, Plinio; Cardoso, Fernando; Costa, Antonio; Fitzjarrald, David; Goulden, Michael; Kruijt, Bart; Maia, Jair; Malhi, Yadvinder; Manzi, Antonio; Miller, Scott; Nobre, Antonio; Von Randow, Celso; Sa, Leonardo; Sakai, Ricardo; Tota, Julio; Wofsy, Steven; Zanchi, Fabricio; Saleska, Scott (Elsevier Inc, 2013)
    We investigated the seasonal patterns of Amazonian forest photosynthetic activity, and the effects thereon of variations in climate and land-use, by integrating data from a network of ground-based eddy flux towers in Brazil ...