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  • Madin, Elizabeth; Gaines, Steven; Madin, Js; Link, Ak; Lubchenco, Pj; Selden, Rl; Warner, Rr (Public Library Science, 2012)
    Efforts to restore top predators in human-altered systems raise the question of whether rebounds in predator populations are sufficient to restore pristine foodweb dynamics. Ocean ecosystems provide an ideal system to test ...
  • Madin, Elizabeth; Gaines, Steven; Warner, Rr (Ecological Society of America, 2010)
    The indirect, ecosystem-level consequences of ocean fishing, and particularly the mechanisms driving them, are poorly understood. Most studies focus on density-mediated trophic cascades, where removal of predators ...
  • Madin, Elizabeth; Gaines, Steven; Madin, Js; Warner, Rr (Univ Chicago Press, 2010)
    Fishing has clear direct effects on harvested species, but its cascading, indirect effects are less well understood. Fishing disproportionately removes larger, predatory fishes from marine food webs. Most studies of the ...
  • Stoms, David; Davis, Frank; Andelman, Sandy; Carr, Mark; Gaines, Steven; Halpern, Benjamin; Hoenicke, Rainer; Leibowitz, Scott; Leydecker, Al; Madin, Elizabeth; Tallis, Heather; Warner, Robert (Ecological Society of America, 2005)
    Land use, watershed processes, and coastal biodiversity are often intricately linked, yet land?sea interactions are usually ignored when selecting terrestrial and marine reserves with existing models. Such oversight increases ...
  • Salomon, Anne; Gaichas, Sarah; Shears, Nick; Smith, Jennifer; Madin, Elizabeth; Gaines, Steven (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Inc, 2010)
    Trophic cascades triggered by fishing have profound implications for marine ecosystems and the socioeconomic systems that depend on them. With the number of reported cases quickly growing, key features and commonalities ...