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  • Miller, Catherine; Zakrzewski, Alana; Ikin, Rowan; Boulter, Nicola; Katrib, Marilyn; Lees, Michael; Fuller, Stephen; Wiley, James; Smith, Narelle (Elsevier Sci Ltd, 2011)
    The P2X(7) receptor (P2X(7)R) is a two transmembrane receptor that is highly expressed on the surface of immune cells. Loss of function polymorphisms in this receptor have been linked to increased susceptibility to ...
  • Jamieson, S; Peixoto-Rangel, Al; Hargrave, Ac; De Roubaix, La; Mui, Ej; Boulter, Nicola; Miller, En; Fuller, Stephen; Wiley, James; Castellucci, L; Boyer, K; Peixe, Rg; Kirisits, Mj; Elias, Ld; Coyne, Jj; Correa-Oliveira, R; Sautter, M; Smith, Narelle; Lees, Michael; Swisher, Cn; Heydemann, P; Noble, A; Patel, D; Bardo, D; Burrowes, D; Mclone, D; Roizen, N; Withers, S; Bahia-Oliveira, Lmg; Mcleod, R; Blackwell, J (Nature Publishing Group, 2010)
    Congenital Toxoplasma gondii infection can result in intracranial calcification, hydrocephalus and retinochoroiditis. Acquired infection is commonly associated with ocular disease. Pathology is characterized by strong ...
  • Lees, Michael; Fuller, Stephen; Mcleod, R; Boulter, Nicola; Miller, Catherine; Zakrzewski, Alana; Mui, Ej; Witola, William; Coyne, Jj; Hargrave, Ac; Jamieson, S; Blackwell, J; Wiley, James; Smith, Nicholas (American Association of Immunologists, 2011)
    The P2X7R is highly expressed on the macrophage cell surface, and activation of infected cells by extracellular ATP has been shown to kill intracellular bacteria and parasites. Furthermore, single nucleotide polymorphisms ...
  • Miller, Catherine; Boulter, Nicola; Fuller, Stephen; Zakrzewski, Alana; Lees, Michael; Saunders, Bernadette; Wiley, James; Smith, Nicholas (Plos, 2011)
    ATP is an extracellular signal for the immune system, particularly during an inflammatory response. It is sensed by the P2X7 receptor, the expression of which is upregulated by pro-inflammatory cytokines. Activation of the ...