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  • Challa, Subhash; Aboura, Khalid; Ravikanth, Konda; Deshpande, Suhrud (IEEE, 2007)
    Real time pedestrian flow information and the count of people in determined areas is essential for a multitude of management and monitoring functions. The range of applications is wide and the focus here is on the development ...
  • Challa, Bhanu; Challa, Subhash; Chakravorty, Rajib; Deshpande, Suhrud; Sharma, Deepak (IEEE, 2005)
    Electrical market often demands accurate forecasting of electrical load for planning and operation of the power infrastructure. Current models can forecast load from half hour up to 24 hours and are based on aggregate ...
  • Deshpande, Suhrud; Challa, Subhash (IEEE, 2007)
    Intelligent video surveillance applications are frequently used nowadays. For such applications, background estimation becomes an important building block. In indoor environments, the switching of light takes place often. ...
  • Challa, Subhash; Leipold, Frank; Deshpande, Suhrud; Liu, Bao Hua (Michael) (IEEE, 2005)
    Wireless sensors became smaller and cheaper in the recent years. Applications with thousands of nodes for tracking and monitoring are now feasible. Many of them require the knowledge about the locations of the sensors. ...