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  • Burt, John; Feary, David; Bauman, Andrew; Usseglio, Paolo; Cavalcante, Georgenes; Sale, Peter (Oxford University Press, 2011)
    This study provides the first large-scale comparison of reef-associated fish communities in the northeastern Arabian Peninsula, with 24 sites spanning >3000 km of coastline in the southern Persian Gulf, the western Gulf ...
  • Mora, Camilo; Aburto-Oropeza, Octavio; Bocos, Arturo; Ayotte, Paula; Banks, Stuart; Bauman, Andrew; Beger, Maria; Bessudo, Sandra; Booth, David; Brokovich, Eran; Brooks, Andrew; Chabanet, Pascale; Cinner, Joshua; Cortes, Jorge; Cruz-Motta, Juan; Magana, Amilcar; Demartini, Edward; Edgar, Graham; Feary, David; Ferse, Sebastian; Friedlander, Alan; Gaston, Kevin; Gough, Charlotte; Graham, Nicholas; Green, Alison; Guzman, Hector; Hardt, Marah; Kulbicki, Michel; Letourneur, Yves; Perez, Andres; Loreau, Michel; Loya, Yossi; Martinez, Camilo; Mascarenas-Osorio, Ismael; Morove, Tau; Nadon, Marc-Olivier; Nakamura, Yohei; Paredes, Gustavo; Polunin, Nicholas; Pratchett, Morgan; Bonilla, Hector; Rivera, Fernando; Sala, Enric; Sandin, Stuart; Soler, German; Smith, Rick; Tessier, Emmanuel; Tittensor, Derek; Tupper, Mark; Usseglio, Paolo; Vigliola, Laurent; Wantiez, Laurent; Williams, Ivor; Wilson, Shaun; Zapata, Fernando (Public library of Science, 2011)
    Difficulties in scaling up theoretical and experimental results have raised controversy over the consequences of biodiversity loss for the functioning of natural ecosystems. Using a global survey of reef fish assemblages, ...
  • Sale, Peter; Feary, David; Burt, John; Bauman, Andrew; Cavalcante, Georgenes; Drouillard, Ken; Kjerfve, Bjorn; Marquis, Elise; Trick, Charles; Usseglio, Paolo; Van Lavieren, Hanneke (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2011)
    The Persian Gulf is a semi-enclosed marine system surrounded by eight countries, many of which are experiencing substantial development. It is also a major center for the oil industry. The increasing array of anthropogenic ...
  • Burt, John; Feary, David; Usseglio, Paolo; Bauman, Andrew; Sale, Peter (Rosenthial, 2010)
    Breakwaters dominate shorelines in many coastal urban areas, providing substantial hard-bottom habitat upon which diverse and abundant reef communities develop. In recognition of their potential ecological and economic ...
  • Burt, John; Feary, David; Cavalcante, Georgenes; Bauman, Andrew; Usseglio, Paolo (Pergamon, 2013)
    Breakwaters and related structures dominate near-shore environments in many Persian Gulf countries, but little is known of their ecology. To examine the influence of wave exposure on fish communities we surveyed exposed ...
  • Cavalcante, Georgenes; Kjerfve, Bjorn; Feary, David; Bauman, Andrew; Usseglio, Paolo (Coastal Education & Research Foundation, Inc., 2011)