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  • Stokes, D. J; Laughton, J.; Craswell, A. (Elsevier science, 2002)
    This study investigates whether fee dependence within the audit firms' offices jeopardises auditor independence. Fee dependence is examined at both the national audit firm level as well as the local office level and in ...
  • Jakovich, Joanne; Beilharz, Kirsty (CRC for Construction Innovation, 2006)
  • Ferguson, Andrew; Matolcsy, Zoltan (City University of Hong Kong, 2004)
    This study examines the value of audit quality in the capital markets setting. We argue that higher quality auditors are associated with lower post-earnings announcement drift (PEAD). Results show that clients of brand ...
  • Li, Yang; Stokes, Donald; Taylor, Stephen; Wong, Leon (AFAANZ, 2009)
    We investigate the influence of audit quality on the relation between earnings quality and cost of equity capital. We utilize total accruals as a measure of earnings quality and auditor choice, auditor effort and auditor ...
  • Potas, Jr; Zheng, Yi; Moussa, C; Venn, M; Gorrie, Catherine; Deng, C; Waite, Pme (Mary Ann Liebert Inc, 2006)
    The immune response contributes to ongoing secondary tissue destruction following spinal cord injury (SCI). Although infiltrating neutrophils and monocytes have been well studied in this process, T-cells have received less ...
  • Gwilt, Ian (Springer, 2009)
    The combined notions of augmented-reality (AR) and mobile art are based on the amalgamation of a number of enabling technologies including computer imaging, emergent display and tracking systems and the increased ...
  • Aung, Yee Mon; Al-Jumaily, Adel (The Singapore Therapeutic, Assistive & Rehabilitative Technologies (START) Centre, 2011)
    Stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA) causes disability and affected the persona??s quality of life. The rehabilitation therapies are normally conducted for post stroke patients to promote their quality of life and ...
  • Tan, Chek Tien; Soh, Donny (Eurosis, 2011)
    This paper presents a review of the state of the art in Augmented Reality (AR) games. Distinguished advancements in terms of entertainment and serious games from both the research and industry are presented. These works ...
  • Chakravorty, Rajib; Challa, Subhash (International Society of Information Fusion, 2006)
  • Serour, Magdy; Henderson-Sellers, Brian; Dagher, Lorraine (EMCIS, 2006)
  • Gao, Xinbo; Fu, Rong; Li, Xuelong; Tao, Dacheng; Zhang, Beichen; Yang, Huigen (Academic Press Inc Elsevier Science, 2011)
    The proportion of aurora to the field-of-view in temporal series of all-sky images is an important index to investigate the evolvement of aurora. To obtain such an index, a crucial phase is to segment the aurora from the ...
  • Maude, Robyn; Lawson, Justine; Foureur, Maralyn (Dunmore Press Magazines, 2010)
    The article focuses on the historical development of auscultation and listening to fetal heart beats. It mentions that auscultation defines as the action of listening to the sounds inside the body. It says that the use ...
  • Van Den Hoven, Pim; Frawley, Stephen (Taylor and Francis, 2012)
    In 2005, a Dutch `super? coach by name of Guus Hiddink achieved what many Australian football fans thought was an almost impossible task: he managed to lead the Australian football team to qualification for the 2006 FIFA ...
  • Hocking, Barbara; Muthu, Yega (Canadian Centre of Science and Education, 2012)
    In early February 2012, a federal judge threw out a law suit brought by PETA claiming that whales were `enslaved? by SeaWorld (Note 1). While it met a swift and sorry end, the law suit provides an opportunity for reflection ...
  • Whalley, J; Lister, Raymond; Thompson, Errol; Clear, Tony; Robbins, P; Kumar, P; Prasad, Christine (Australian computer society Inc., 2006)
    In this paper we report on a multiinstitutional investigation into the reading and comprehension skills of novice programmers. This work extends previous studies (Lister 2004, McCracken 2001) by developing a question set ...
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    Johnston, Rosemary (Routledge, 2004)
  • Australia 
    Veal, Anthony (CABI, 2005)
  • Australia 
    Varnham, Sally; Jackson, Jim (Rowman & Littlefields Publishers, Inc, 2011)
  • Australia 
    Sheehan, John (American Bar Association, 2010)
    Everywhere in the world, land use law and regulation affect real property values--either increasing or decreasing them. Regulatory takings is the potential raw nerve of land use regulation, yet policymakers and civic groups ...
  • Australia 
    Adair, Daryl (Routledge, 2010)