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  • Bubna-Litic, David (Ashgate, 2009)
    This is a long introduction that engages with key disciplinary debates around secularity and economic enterprise. The chapter is critical to the book in that it outlines an underlying theme in what might, otherwise, be ...
  • Riello, Giorgio; Mcneil, Peter (Routledge, 2010)
    Scholars have paid a great deal of attention to the changing role and nature of fashion, both conceptually and practically. They have underlined how present-day societies find thei,. identity and formulate thei,. ...
  • Chan, Anita (ISEAS Publishing, 2011)
    It has been three decades since Vietnam began to liberalize its planned economy and two-and-a-half decades since the policy of Doi Moi (renovation) was officially introduced. Today, alongside China, Vietnam is an "economic ...
  • Ambrose, Ivor; Darcy, Simon; Buhalis, Dimitrios (Channel View Publications, 2012)
    Accessible tourism is gaining momentum across many different areas and activities within the tourism sector for both its inherent sensibility as a human rights issue and for its growing recognition as an important contribution ...
  • Geweke, John; Koop, G.; Van Dijk, H. (Oxford University Press, 2011)
    Bayesian econometric methods have enjoyed an increase in popularity in recent years. Econometricians, empirical economists, and policymakers are increasingly making use of Bayesian methods. This handbook is a single source ...
  • Allatson, Paul (Blackwell Publishing, 2007)
  • Cashman, Richard; Darcy, Simon (Walla Walla Press, 2008)
    The chapter presents the framework of the book, sets the thematic direction and outlines each of the chapters.
  • Adams, Jon (Routledge, 2007)
  • Onyx, Jenny (UCB Press, 2005)
  • Allatson, Paul; Mccormack, Jo (Rodopi, 2008)
    The late Edward Said's influential and widely reprinted essay "Reflections on Exile," which was originally published in Granta in 1984, begins with the claim that "Exile is strangely compelling to think about but terrible ...
  • Leung, Linda (Intellect Books, 2008)
  • Nord, Walter; Lawrence, Thomas; Hardy, Cynthia; Clegg, Stewart (Sage Publications, 2006)
  • Ghosh, Devleena; Muecke, Stephen (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007)
  • Forrest, Tara (John Libbey & Company Pty, 2008)
    The essays collected in this special issue of the journal grew out of the Rethinking the Past: Experimental Histories in the Arts conference that took place at the University of Technology, Sydney in July 2006.1 Drawing ...
  • Gallego, Gisselle; Casey, Robert; Goodall, Stephen; Norman, Richard (Elsevier, 2011)
    Objective: The aim of this study was to explore the views and perceptions of stakeholders about the current national health technology assessment process conducted by the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) and ...
  • Clarke, Thomas; Chanlat, Jean-Francois (Routledge, 2009)
    The prolonged systemic crisis in international financial markets commencing in 2007/2008 was also a crisis in corporate governance and regulation. The most severe financial disaster sincethe Great Depression of the 1930s ...
  • Wearing, Stephen; Mcgehee, Nancy (CABI, 2013)
    International Volunteer Tourism: Integrating Travellers and Communities
  • Hamilton, Paula; Shopes, Linda (Temple University Press, 2008)
  • Allatson, Paul; Mccormack, Jo (UTSePress, 2005)