UTS ePRESS adopts CC BY 4.0 Licenses across its Suite of Journals


We are very happy to announce that all UTS ePRESS journal works submitted after March 31, 2014 will be licensed CC BY 4.0 or Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. This upgrade to CC BY 4.0 is a central pillar of our ongoing work to enhance the Open Access credentials and functionality of UTS ePRESS, the publishing arm of the University of Technology, Sydney. It is also a part of our wider commitment to the key principles of the Open Knowledge movement generally, and the BOAI Declaration specifically.

UTS ePRESS will soon add DOIs to its journal content and provide HTML versions (in addition to existing PDFs) to enable better web-sharing and re-use of our journal content. We hope this not only builds the global reach and impact of our journal content, for the scholars involved, but also allows the largest possible audience to reap the benefits of the global sharing and use of publicly funded research-knowledge.

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