Cultural Policy Directions: Historical Narratives and Suburban Development in Campbelltown, Sydney

Penny Stannard


Campbelltown features heavily in the historical narrative of Sydney, and in the late twentieth century experienced an urban transformation that re-stamped it as a suburban part of greater Sydney. The changing environment experienced in Campbelltown has had significant implications across a broad public policy arena, including in the area of cultural policy as it is understood as public support for arts and cultural activity. This paper examines the history of cultural policy direction in Campbelltown to uncover the origins of the particular concern with local cultural activity driving a policy agenda of national recognition and what this meant for the cultural identity of Campbelltown as a modern, progressive outer-suburban place. The paper, which draws on a range of disciplines, explores the role that cultural policy has sought to have in interpreting, contesting and constructing the place identity of Campbelltown at particular moments in time.


Cultural policy; Suburbanisation; Modernity; Cultural identity; Cultural narrative; Campbelltown; Sydney; Outer-suburban

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