Daniel Adler
Shankar Sankaran


Dear Readers

Welcome to the sixth issue of the Journal of Project, Program & Portfolio Management.

This issue is late for very good reasons. We started out with a call to emerging researchers in project management to submit a paper and offered them guidance as well. We thank all the reviewers who spent more time than they normally would have to provide detailed comments and suggestions to the authors to get the papers into shape.

We also achieved one more aim of the journal by being able to publish papers from authors from around the world. Thus we have articles from Poland, Brazil and India and a case study form India as well.

The first paper in this issue is by Beata Jalocha, who has recently completed her PhD from Jagellionian University, Poland. She has reflected on the concept of projectification and its impact on public organisations in Poland. Her research concludes that while European Union-funded projects are successfully completed in Poland they are still falling behind in creating the value expected by the communities they were intended to benefit. The second paper from four researchers in Brazil proposes that knowledge management can contribute to project management by helping in project integration and thus contributing to corporate sustainability. The third paper from India by Shah and Janardhanan addresses an important concern that educational institutions offering programs in project management are faced with — how to provide superior student experiences to students both with and without experience to acquire leadership competencies that require hard and soft skills.

The case study by Nag, Singh and Tiwary addresses the issue of the contribution of transport capacity as an economic lever by examining a dedicated freight corridor conceived by Indian Railways.


Daniel Adler & Shankar Sankaran

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