Vol 4, No 1 (2007)

The Revival of Chinese Cultural Nationalism

Special Chinese language issue, edited by Yingjie Guo.

Table of Contents

Editor's Welcome

Editor's welcome, PORTAL, Vol. 4, No. 1, January 2007 PDF
Paul Allatson

Special Issue Articles

The Revival of Chinese Cultural Nationalism PDF
Yingjie Guo
两种文化民族主义——评“文化民族主义论纲”及“甲申文化宣言” (Two Types of Cultural Nationalism) PDF
Sylvia Chan
重建帝國﹕歷史正劇與中國當代民族主義在大眾文化中的新的表現形式 (Rebuilding the Empire: Historical TV Drama and the New Expressive Form of Cultural Nationalism) PDF
Shuyu Kong
中国现当代小说中的故乡构建初探 (Literary Nativism, the Native Place and Modern Chinese Fiction) PDF
Yiyan Wang
拆迁普店街:二十世纪末中国都市小说中摧毁和复兴主题的含混 (Bulldozing Pudian Street: Destruction or Renewal? Ambiguities in Big City Novels in Late 20th Century Chinese Literature) PDF
Xia Li
文化漫游与精神家园——当代中国文化散文的公共语境 (Cultural Tours and the Spiritual Home: On Yu Qiuyu and Contemporary Chinese Cultural Essays) PDF
Yi Zheng
从对电视剧《施琅大将军》的争论看 中国文化民族主义复兴的困境 (The Dilemma of Chinese Cultural Nationalism: the Case of the TV Program 'General Shi Lang') PDF
Mobo Gao
经济变革的文化叙述 (Narratives of Change) PDF
David Goodman
民族主义与当代中国的自由主义者 (Liberalism and Nationalism in Contemporary China) PDF
Chongyi Feng

General Articles

Merlinda Bobis’s Poem-plays: Reading Ethics and Identity across Cultures PDF
Dolores Herrero
Imagining the Twentieth Century: Retrospective, Myth, and the Colonial Question PDF
David B MacDonald
The Academic ‘Patras’ of the Arab World: Creating a Climate of Academic Apartheid PDF
Ramzi N. Nasser, Kamal Abouchedid
Footprints, Imprints: Seeing Environmentalist and Buddhist Marie Byles as an Eastern Australian PDF
Allison Jane Cadzow

Cultural Works

Translations of Poems by Yang Lian PDF
Mabel Lee