Vol 9, No 1 (2012)

Indian Ocean Traffic

This issue tracks movements of people and ideas around the Indian Ocean region and explores the cultural implications of these contacts and their role in processes of transnationalization and globalisation. The first three articles concentrate on movements of people, ranging from slaves, convicts and indentured workers to prosperous planters, artisans and soldiers. The fourth article addresses the pivotal role played by the textile trade both in motivating cultural contact and in creating an area of negotiation for the manifestation of ethnic identity. The next three papers focus on the circulation of newspapers and literary texts throughout the region and interrogate the way these contribute to changing notions of identity and belonging. The issue concludes with two articles examining Mauritian creolisation from the perspective of a characteristic cultural product, the music of maloya. The last article is translated from French and so provides a valuable counterpoint to Anglophone discourse. The international spread of the contributors – from India, South Africa and Reunion, as well as Australia and the United Kingdom – provides a unique comparative basis for the special issue's examination of international migration, regional connections and cultural identity.

Table of Contents

Indian Ocean Traffic Special Issue January 2012

Indian Ocean Traffic: Introduction PDF
Lola Sharon Davidson, Stephen Muecke
European Slave Trading, Abolitionism, and “New Systems Of Slavery” in the Indian Ocean PDF
Richard B Allen
From the Indian Ocean to the Pacific: Affranchis and Petits-Blancs in New Caledonia PDF
Karin Elizabeth Speedy
Soldiers, Artisans, Cultivators and Revolutionaries: The Movement of Sikhs in the Indian Ocean PDF
Anjali Gera Roy
Woven Webs: Trading Textiles around the Indian Ocean PDF
Lola Sharon Davidson
Textual Subjects in Motion: Letters, Literature and Print Medium in an Indian-South African Exchange (1928-1946) PDF
Meg Samuelson
News for Consumer Citizens: Corporate Pressure, Political Criticism and Middle Class Assertion in the Indian Media PDF
Ursula Rao
Banaras in the Indian Ocean: Circulating, Connecting and Creolizing Island Stories PDF
Srilata Ravi
Créolité and Réunionese Maloya: From ‘in-between’ to ‘Moorings’ PDF
Stephen Muecke
Moorings: Indian Ocean Creolizations PDF
Francoise Verges, Carpanin Marimoutou

General Articles

Modern China’s Idols: Heroes, Role Models, Stars and Celebrities PDF
Elaine M Jeffreys