Vol 8, No 3 (2011)

Global Climate Change Policy: Post-Copenhagen Discord

The failure of the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to deliver a binding international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions raised questions about the ability of the existing global governance regime to deliver an effective response to climate change. In the wake of Copenhagen, diverse alternative approaches to global climate governance were proposed and discussed. In this special issue of Portal, we have gathered together six diverse articles that each look at the climate governance problem through a very different lens. While all the authors agree that the climate governance system is failing humanity and is in need of repair, they do not agree on how best to respond. Their proposed responses range from minor reforms to radical overturning of the existing regime. While by no means an exhaustive coverage of the proposed alternatives to global climate change policy post-Copenhagen, the articles in this special issue offer a sample of policy and governance experiments that deserve to be tested in practice.

Table of Contents

Global Climate Change Policy: Post-Copenhagen Discord Special Issue September 2011

Special Issue Dedication to Stephen H. Schneider PDF
Paul Baer
Climate Governance is Failing Us: We All Need to Respond PDF
Chris Riedy, Ian McGregor
Shifting Global Climate Governance: Creating Long-Term Goals Through UNFCCC Article 2 PDF
P. Brian Fisher
Exclusive Minilateralism: An Emerging Discourse within International Climate Change Governance? PDF
Jeffrey Scott McGee
Synthesis of Climate Change Policy in Judicial, Executive, and Legislative Branches of U.S. Government PDF
Robert Brinkmann, Sandra Jo Garren
Global Deliberative Democracy and Climate Change: Insights from World Wide Views on Global Warming in Australia PDF
Chris Riedy, Jade Herriman
Disorderly Deliberation? Generative Dynamics of Global Climate Justice PDF
James Goodman
Climate Change, Copenhagen and Psycho-social Disorder PDF
Jonathan Paul Marshall

General Articles

The Smell of Memories. A Mexican Migrant’s Search for Emotional Sustainability through Mexican Films. PDF
Gabriela Coronado