Vol 13 (2006)

Welcome to the second electronic volume of Public History Review entitled ‘Conflicted Heritage’. Edited by Dr Alexander Trapeznik, this special issue emerged from an international symposium held at Otago University in mid 2005 which addressed conflict in cultural heritage and its management. We look forward to publishing more special issues on public history related themes in the future.

Paul Ashton and Paula Hamilton

Table of Contents

Articles (refereed)

Introduction PDF
Alexander Trapeznik
Empire, War and Nation: Heritage Management Perspectives from Canada and Malta PDF
John Tunbridge
Conflicted Heritage: Values, Visions and Practices in the Management and Preservation of Cultural and Environmental Heritage PDF
Geoffrey Kearsley, Martine Middleton
Conflict in the Landscape: A Case Study of the Cultural Values Model PDF
Janet Stephenson
Corralling Conflict: The Politics of Australian Federal Heritage Legislation Since the 1970s PDF
Paul Ashton, Jennifer Cornwall
Sense or Nonsense?: New Zealand Heritage Leglislation in Perspective PDF
Greg Vossler
Customary Rights: Holding the Line PDF
Edward Ellison
Regaining Authority: Setting the Agenda in Maori Heritage through the Control and Shaping of Data PDF
Gerard O'Regan
Negotiating History: Crown Apologies in New Zealand’s Historical Treaty of Waitangi Settlements PDF
Maureen Hickey
Many Bottles for Many Flies: Managing Conflict over Indigenous Peoples’ Cultural Heritage in Western Australia PDF
David Ritter
Is the Truth Down There?: Cultural Heritage Conflict and the Politics of Archaeological Authority PDF
Ian Barber