Keiko Yasukawa


This issue of Literacy and Numeracy Studies offers a selection of articles
that illustrates the diversity of sites in which researchers of adult literacy and
numeracy are working. They focus on teacher education, workplace literacy
practices, working with young people, and an autobiographical account of
‘road safety literacy’, and they demonstrate through their different
methodological approaches and foci the richness of the literacy and
numeracy research arena.

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Australian Industry Group, 2010, National Workforce Literacy Project: Report on employers (sic) views on workplace literacy and numeracy Skills, Australian Industry Group, North Sydney.

Safford-Ramus, Katherine, 2008, Unlatching the Gate: Helping adult students learn mathematics, Xlibris, USA.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5130/lns.v18i1.1670