The papers in this issue of the journal are a selection of those presented at a workshop held on 15 and 16 November 2012 by the Law Faculty's Asea-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law (APCEL) on the theme of 'REDD+ and legal regimes of mangroves, peatlands and other wetlands: ASEAN and the world'. The workshop was supported by the National Climate Change Secretariat, Singapore.

Table of Contents


A survey of ASEAN instruments relating to peatlands, mangroves and other wetlands: The REDD+ context PDF
Kheng-Lian Koh
Summary proceedings: Workshop on REDD+ and legal regimes of mangroves, peatlands and other wetlands: ASEAN and the world PDF
Lovleen Bhullar, Kheng Lian Koh, Lin-Heng Lye


REDD+ and the Clean Development Mechanism: A comparative perspective PDF
Lovleen Bhullar
Tropical wetlands and REDD+: Three unique scientific challenges for policy PDF
Daniel A Friess
The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity, REDD+ and climate change in mangrove ecosystems of Southeast Asia PDF
Filiberto Pollisco, Dicky Simorangkir
Attracting private investment into REDD+ projects: An overview of regulatory challenges PDF
Sophie May Chapman, Martijn Wilder
The implementation limitations of and alternative policy solutions for Indonesia's REDD+ program concerning peatland restoration PDF
Sarah Guzick, Nicholas Robinson
The risks of using REDD+ to manage rich socio-ecological systems PDF
Paul Vincent Martin
To exploit or not to exploit: The structure and development of arguments over the use of wetlands PDF
Tiina Korvela
Extending REDD+ to mangroves and wetlands for small island states and a case study for the conservation of mangroves and inter-tidal mudflats in Singapore PDF
Lin Heng LYE, Vinayagan Dharmarajah
The progress on governing REDD+ in Indonesia PDF
Mas Achmad Santosa, Josi Khatarina, Aldilla Stephanie Suwana
How Laos is moving forward with REDD+ schemes PDF
Sithong Thongmanivong, Khamla Phanvilay, Thoumthone Vongvisouk
REDD+ in the Philippines: Legal status and conservation of mangrove forests in the Philippines PDF
Gloria Estenzo Ramos, Rose Liza Eisma Osorio
Proposed REDD+ project for the Sundarbans: Legal and institutional issues PDF
Saiful Karim