Special Edition — Water Law: Through the Lens of Conflict

This edition brings together issues of natural resources, social dynamics and complex policy challenges. The specific issues and the ways in which they are being addressed vary greatly around the world. While water law varies in response to the unique legal, social and ecological challnges of each jurisdiction, there are over-arching challenges to the effective use of the law. Water governance and legal scholarship can provide new insights into ways to address these universal challenges.

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Paul Vincent Martin
Cover page 2011 Special Edition
Miriam Verbeek


Developments in Water Pollution Law and Policy in China: Effective Enough to Cope with Water Pollution Conflict? PDF
Qun Du
Public on Paper: The Failure of Law to Protect Public Water Uses in the Western United States PDF
Reed D Benson
Water Law, Mining and Hydro-Energy Conflicts in South America: Tales from the Andes and Patagonia PDF
Victor Tafur
Too Hot to Handle: Climate Change and Agricultural Water Use PDF
Denise Fort
Property Rights in Water and Social Conflict: An Example from Iceland PDF
Kristin Haradsdottir
Poisoning the Right to Water in South Africa: What Can the Law Do? PDF
Michael Kidd
A Tale of Two Systems: Conflict, Law and the Development of Water Allocation in Two Common Law Jurisdictions PDF
Paul Martin, John C Becker
Some Reflections on the Resolution of State-to-State Disputes in International Waters Governance Agreements PDF
Richard Kyle Paisley, Alex Grzybowski
Application of Environmental Conflict Resolution to Public Interest Issues in Water Disputes PDF
Michael Jeffrey QC, Donna Craig