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Bach Tuan, Kiet, Sub-Department of Animal Health of Dong Thap Province
Bader, Danielle, University of Guelph
Baker, Stephen, Oxford University Clinical Research Unit
Balcazar, Fabricio, University of Illinois at Chicago (United States)
Baldwin-Ragaven, Laurel, University of Cape Town and Malta House (United States)
Banks, Sarah
Baskett, Robert, Sandcastle Clinical and Educational Services (United States)
Bechstein, Christina, Maine College of Art (MECA) (United States)
Bell, Brandi, University of Prince Edward Island (Canada)
Benz, Peter, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)
Bergen, Anne, University of Guelph
Beunen, Raoul, Wageningen University (Netherlands)
Bleecker, Molly, University of New Mexico (United States)
Bond, Brenda, Suffolk University (United States)
Bonham, Linzy
Bourner, Tom, University of Brighton, UK (United Kingdom)
Bowl, Marion, University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)
Boyle, Mary-Ellen, Clark University
Brown, Greg
Brunero, Claire, The University of Sydney (Australia)
Bryant, Juliet E, Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programme, Vietnam (Viet Nam)
Butcher, Jude
Buttery, Lisa, Boingboing UK (United Kingdom)

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