Vol 11, No 2 (2005)

Italian Effects

‘Italian Effects’ necessarily looks to the roots of contemporary Italian thought in mid-to-late twentieth century movements, but there is also a very contemporary effect evinced by the great interest in philosopher Giorgio Agamben, philosopher–activists Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt, and the way in which their thinking articulates with anti-globalisation movements.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Chris Healy, Stephen Muecke 7-8

Italian Effects

Provincialising the Italian Effect PDF
Brett Neilson 11-24
Rethinking the Change: Italian Feminism Between Crisis and Critique of Politics PDF
Ida Dominijanni 25-35
In the Name of the Mother: Sexual Difference and the Practice of 'Entrustment' PDF
Susanna Scarparo 36-48
1968–1977–1999 and Beyond: Bifo's Futural Thought PDF
Michael Goddard 49-56
What does Cognitariat Mean? Work, Desire and Depression PDF
Franco Berardi 57-63
The Image Dispositif PDF
Franco Berardi 64-68
Q’s General Intellect PDF
Sabrina Ovan 69-76
Autonomia in the 1970s: The Refusal of Work, the Party and Power PDF
Patrick Cuninghame 77-94
The Negation of a Negation Fixed in a Form: Luigi Nono and the Italian Counter-culture 1964–1979 PDF
Timothy S. Murphy 95-109
Virtuosity, Processual Democracy and Organised Networks PDF
Ned Rossiter 110-128
The Migrant Metaphor Within Radical Italian Thought PDF
Ingrid M. Hoofd 129-146
Where is the Law in ‘Unlawful Combatant’?: Resisting the Refrain of the Right-eous PDF
Melissa Gregg, Glen Fuller 147-159

New Writing

Deep Democracy, Horizontal Exchange and the Praxis of Poop PDF
Leopold Nicolai Podlashuc 161-170
Presenting an Image of Thought in Flux PDF
Hamish Morgan 171-178
Autofrictions: The Fictopoet, the Critic and the Teacher PDF
Dominique Hecq 179-188


Theorising the Private Sphere PDF
Peter Goodall 191-195
The Heart and Guts of Cultures PDF
Linnell Secomb 196-200
Placing the White Scholar in Indigenous Philosophy PDF
Liz Conor 201-206
Passage Work PDF
Delia Falconer 207-212
Repressed Histories PDF
Christen Cornell 213-217
The Lure of Independence PDF
Stephen Stockwell 218-220
Just a suburban boy PDF
Lindsay Barrett 221-225
Reassessing Bodies PDF
Megan Watkins 226-230