Vol 9, No 2 (2003)


One of the tasks of the humanities academic—the philosopher, the cultural studies researcher—is to devise informed judgement through the exercise of a complex intelligence. It’s a matter, one might think, of sorting out the truth from bullshit and telling it how it is. If only the world would just stay simple ... This directness has some appeal, until you start trying to specify the appropriate criteria, grounding and form for judgement. Disciplines address precisely these issues, and to the extent to which they do so successfully, they specify complex phenomena in particular ways; they authorise certain kinds of enquiry and speech as they productively cultivate their own patch of knowledge. Cultural studies has made interdisciplinarity its business, bewitched and distracted by the complexities of actual existing cultural practices, by spatial and temporal mobility and seepage, by authority and exclusion, ownership, belonging and boundaries.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Chris Healy, Stephen Muecke 7-8


The Doctor and the Charlatan PDF
Isabelle Stengers 11-36
Reconciling Replicas: The Second Coming of the Duyfken PDF
Simone Bignall, Mark Galliford 37-64
Beauty Contest for British Bulldogs? Negotiating (Trans)national identities in Suburban Melbourne PDF
Sara Wills, Kate Darian-Smith 65-83
Globalising Aboriginal Reconciliation: Indigenous Australians and Asian (Japanese) Migrants PDF
Minoru Hokari 84-101
Germany's Metamorphosis: Memory and the Holocaust in the Berlin Repulic PDF
Alison Lewis 102-122

New Writing

The Sound of the Invisible PDF
Linda Neil 125-137
A Loss of Poetics PDF
John Kinsella 138-156
Strangeness, Magic, Writing PDF
Anne Brewster 157-163
Inside the Matrix: The (Un)reality of Corporate Life PDF
Rose Michael 164-174

Review Essay

Among Historians PDF
Klaus Neumann 177-191
Global Noise and Global Englishes PDF
Alastair Pennycook 192-200


Saving Hope PDF
Fiona Nicoll 203-211
The Adventures of Hope PDF
Kate Bowles 212-215
Figuration and the Child PDF
Valerie Walkerdine 216-219
Futebol and Myths of the Brazilian Way of Life PDF
Nikos Papastergiadis 220-223
Democratising Cultural Studies PDF
Catherine Lumby 224-226